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Rugs Buying Guides

Buy Rugs with the Classy Buying Guide

Are you searching for the most effective yet easy ways to change the entire look of the room?

Are you interested to brighten the decor of your room?

Looking for something that provides cool comfort to your feet while walking on hard flooring?

Buying a RUG, is a very simple solution to all of the above noted troubles.

Yes, a rug offers you numerous benefits.

  • A rug helps you create a focal point to any area of your room by placing it in that area.
  • A rug helps to divide two rooms by placing it in that arena.
  • A rug helps to protect areas of heavy wear on fitted carpets.
  • So, after going through all of the above mentioned points, you are excited about buying rugs.

    Buying a rug is indeed a daunting task; there are numerous points from style to size that need proper planning, detailed study and careful consideration of all related matters to rugs.

    The below mentioned RUG BUYING GUIDE offers you valuable information that simply makes your buying experience more meaningful & more enjoyable.


    The first and most important consideration when buying a rug is to accurately measure the area where you would like to place the rug. For that you have diverse alternatives; choose any of these.

  • Classic layout:
  • Floating layout:
  • Dining layout:
  • Bedroom layout:
  • In short, selecting a rug size is a very important issue. Buying a rug that is too small or too big can entirely alter the overall look of your room or area. Thus, selecting the correct size ensures that it will add artistic appeal to your room. If you are confused just follow the two options mentioned below:

  • First, select the over sized method (Contemporary) where you place each piece of furniture of your living room on top of the rug.
  • Second, take this (traditional) method where you place rugs around the sofas and only coffee tables on top of it.

    Style becomes one of the most important issues when you would like to buy a rug. It is usually found that people more or less, buy rugs according to their liking; once they like it, without considering anything else they simply buy it. It is absolutely the wrong approach towards buying a rug.

    Buying a rug is a long term decision, therefore you need to pay attention to the style aspects from different angles.

    Below mentioned points should be kept in mind while selecting the style.

  • Are you buying the rug to be a feature of the room or you just want to add some subtle texture that can add to the visual beauty of room?
  • How much foot traffic does the room have in normal circumstances?
  • Is your house full with children and pets?
  • Does your room get direct sunlight?
  • While selecting the style first of all, determine which style you prefer?

  • Classic styles that include Persian and Oriental rugs.
  • OR

  • More contemporary rugs that are made from plain, natural materials such as hemp, jute and sisal.
  • Whatever style you choose it is preferable to build your scheme from the floor up because it completely sets the atmosphere; based upon that atmosphere you can select the suitable style, color and design of rest of the pieces of furniture.


    Once you have determined the size and selected the style, the next important question is which material you will select for your desired rug.

    There are a few types of construction and yarn you will find in the marketplace; we have compiled a list below.

  • Dhurries, Kilims rugs:
  • These are cotton made flat-woven rugs which are very much durable and relatively easy to clean. These are suitable for any place and often found in bright colors and round and square design.

  • Natural rugs:
  • These rugs are made from hemp, jute, and sisal or sea grass. Due to its durability, it is rather useful for a high traffic area.

  • Tufted rugs:
  • These rugs are made by tufting techniques in which yarn is inserted through a woven base and it creates a pile. This is more preferable for a low traffic area.

  • Over dyed, distressed rugs:
  • This rug is made by using the cycle of dyeing, washing or distressing to get a one-of-a kind finish. It is the most useful for a moderate foot traffic area.


    The best part about buying a rug is the price variation it offers. Rugs made from various materials offers you a wide spectrum of price variations; depending upon your budget, you can choose the most suitable rug for your home.

    If you are too tight on budget, there are various options that can satisfy your requirement; if you have an unlimited budget the furniture market offers you a complete range of rugs. Each rug is simply unique in style, design, durability and material.


    Buying a rug for your room or home is indeed an exciting idea. When you start to research about it, the first thought that comes to mind is that you need to know many things about rugs. From materials to various styles, there are many points that play a vital role in each stage of the buying process.

    As a buyer, it simply confuses you, but the above mentioned buying guide will simplify each stage of the purchasing process and make your buying experience much more meaningful and much more enjoyable. This will not only assist you in buying the best rugs but at the same time offers the true value of your hard earned money.

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