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Recliners Buying Guides

Rest, Relax and Respite On Your Recliner With The Classy Buying Guide

Whether you are young or old, after a long, hard and exhausting day, you want to relax. Don't you?

And if someone asks you for a chair or sofa, What could you imagine or expect in that chair or sofa?

First of all, it must be most comfortable in nature, so your overall body can rejuvenate. It should have a reclining back, so you can sit in a most relaxed position. It should have a footrest or ottoman, so your tired legs get the rest they deserve. It should have proper support for your lumbar, so your back gets enough relaxation. It should have a headrest, so your head gets proper relaxation so your mind can recharge for the next day.

Imagine yourself sitting in such a chair watching TV with a bag of your favorite snack or drink in your hand.

Your imagination can turn into reality, if you have a Recliner Chair or popularly known as a Reclining Sofa.

Yes, a reclining chair or sofa is the most useful piece of furniture for your relaxation. And due to its unique advantages, slowly but very steadily, it is gaining popularity along with mainstream furniture like sofas, sectionals, mattresses etc.

Types of recliners

There are many types of recliners available in the market, but finding the right recliner that offers quality, comfort & sturdy construction can be tough. So by providing sound knowledge and authentic information to our customers here, we are working to assist you with making the most educated decision

Two position recliner

As the name suggests, this type of recliner offers only two positions. Upright or Fully reclined. Despite it being economical, due to its limited functions and space requirements, it is not preferable if you have a limited space or a room small in size.

Rocker recliner

It is slightly costlier than a two position recliner but is suitable for even small places too.

Push-back recliner

Push-back, generally referred to as a flex-back recliner. Design-wise it is modern and price-wise it is at par with a two position recliner.

Power recliner

A power recliner chair is motorized and comes with lots of positions. It is more expensive, but extremely versatile.

Benefits of recliner

  • The recliner is extremely beneficial for patients of arthritis or paralysis.
  • The recliner is very much useful for pregnant women, because it minimizes pressure on the spinal cord.
  • The recliner chair or sofa with heat and massage feature helps rejuvenate the body.
  • Exhausted bodies get proper relaxation with the help of this recliner.

Recliner buying guide

Why are you buying a Recliner?

First of all, understand why you are buying the Recliner. It is the most important question you need to ask yourself before buying furniture. Because there are various uses of recliners, it is your needs which will help you make the right decision.

  • Would you like to use it as a chair or sofa, as a place of relaxation after a long and exhausting day?
  • Would you like to utilize it as a place for massage or heat?
  • Would you like to use it as a chair or sofa for your pregnant wife, patient of arthritis or paralysis?

Once you become quite clear about the usage, it helps you to determine other factors.

Where would you like to place it?

After deciding what it is needed for, study the place where you would like to put it; since recliners usually occupy a large space, it will help you to choose the type of recliner which fits perfectly in your room.

If you have limited space a two position recliner, rocker recliner or push back recliner is most ideal. But if you have ample space and liberal budget then a riser recliner is the best option. When fully functional, it occupies a large space.

Consider cost

Recliners come in various shapes & sizes, with various features. When you want to buy, be completely clear and specific about how much money you want to spend on it.

Not having a predetermined budget or clarity in this regard may create confusion when getting ready to purchase; because each recliner with its unique features may appeal to you. Chances are that due to its unique advantages, look & comfort, you may buy something that may not be well within your budget.

Focus on frame

It is commonly found that the reclining parts break most often on a recliner. So before buying, make sure that you are buying the recliner which is most durable, by studying the product description thoroughly. If you are confused about anything, or are interested to know more about the underside of the chair, do not hesitate to raise the query. Most of the online stores offer various modes of communication, and they are more than happy to answer your inquiries.

Combination of class, comfort & cost

Buy the recliner with bundles of benefits. Your recliner must combine class & comfort at an appropriate cost. Since, most of the time a recliner is placed in the living room, it will improve the overall image of the room, if it has a cool, classic & elegant look.

Comfort is the most important criteria for any recliner, so above all, pay maximum attention to it. No doubt, whenever you are confused between look and comfort, give more weight to comfort than look, because ultimately, the recliner is meant mostly for comfort.

Cost-wise; economical, Look-wise; good, Comfort-wise; superior. This should be your buying guideline, or selection criteria for choosing the right Recliner.

By following above mentioned guidelines, you will be able to choose the most appropriate recliner for your home. Do not forget to view various recliners available on our website with complete product descriptions.

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