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Loveseats Buying Guides

Fall in love with your loveseat with The Classy Buying Guide

Do you know?

Initially, loveseat was not invented for two lovebirds.

Generally, people believe that loveseat was invented for suitable seating for two lovebirds. But, history reveals something else. In the 17th and 18th century women's dresses involved a massive amount of hoops and fabrics and for accommodating a woman and her massive gown or dress, an extra wide seat was invented. Nowadays, it has become quite popular as a loveseat.

Over the years, loveseat has gained enough importance in our house as a piece of furniture.

Advantages of loveseat

  • Effective use of a loveseat can bring balance into larger as well as smaller rooms, with the appropriate usage, larger room space can be transformed into a more intimate feeling and smaller rooms feel cozy.
  • The loveseats are perfect for living room, foyers, family room, and bedroom. It is up to you, where and how you would like to place it.
  • Due to light weight and smaller size, it fits more easily into elevators and trucks while shifting from one home to another.

Essential elements of perfect loveseat or Loveseat buying guide

Understand the usage

Loveseat can be handy for various uses. So, first of all, understand the usage, how you are going to use it.

Do you want to use it as a regular seating place in your small room? Do you want to utilize it as a sense of balance to the seating arrangement of a larger room? Do you want to use it as an occasional seating space in your lobby, foyer or garden?

Crystal clear understanding of usage will help you to determine other factors like budget, style, size, fabric, material etc.

Start with style

Once you are quite clear with the usage the next logical step would be to find out the suitable style that not only defines your personal preference but at the same time adds artistic appeal. Loveseats are broadly classified into three major categories.

  • Traditional: If you have a formal or a classic room, the traditional look with its decorative markings, elaborate designs, dark finishes & grander scale makes your room more elegant & eye-catching.
  • Contemporary: If you have an average room, contemporary style is preferable, sleek and simple design of it, gives a distinctive and clean look to the room.
  • Modern: Without any decoration or ornamentation, it gives a bold look with simplicity to your room.

Apart from the above mentioned style there are a few more like Club or English, Camelback, Victorian, Bridge water, Chesterfield, Arts and Crafts, Mid-century, Tuxedo, Modern, Lawson etc. So, depending upon your own considerations choose it wisely.

Be budget friendly

Usage and style will help you to build up a budget. Furniture market is full with lots of options, so, when you want to buy, be specific about your budget. Being budget friendly not only minimizes your chances of overspending, but at the same time it helps you choose the most appropriate loveseat.

Not only that, having a specific budget in mind keeps you on track and helps you to avoid any impulsive buying which most often happens.

Keep your budget up to that level so you can buy a loveseat which is durable, comfortable & stylish.

Define the dimensions

It is true loveseats are meant for two people, but size is variable from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it becomes utmost important that you define your dimension or measure the space accurately where you want to put it.

Generally, they can range anywhere from 50 to 70 inches in length. So, depending upon the available space, select the appropriate loveseat.

Formation of frame

The frame is a very important part of a loveseat, that not only provides shape and style, but, at the same time determines the strength of the loveseat. Before buying, be clear about frames.

Generally, two types of frames are widely used for making loveseat.

  • First, Wooden frames, being strong, durable & visually appealing, are extensively used in loveseats, but, down side, it is too heavy.
  • Second, Metal frames, being light & strong, broadly used, but they are liable to rust as well as warping.

So, it becomes important to choose sturdy frame materials. And for that, look for a loveseat with a frame made of a sturdy material. That ensures a longer life of your loveseat.

Create coordination

Most of the time, loveseat is bought for a sense of balance to the seating arrangement of the larger room OR to fill the space of the living room with a large sofa. So, in this scenario, more or less, it is used as a supporting piece of furniture.

If you are buying it with the same objective, create complete coordination. For creating coordination, study your room's pre-existing decor, pre-existing sofa, color scheme and interior planning, so, overall, a picture of your room becomes an attention-grabber.

Other important parameters

Apart from above mentioned points there are few more important parameters that need to be considered seriously before making a final decision. Like, Cushions, Fabric, Tailoring, Springs etc.

Cushion: The cushions on a quality loveseat retain their shape when sat upon, and do not curve up.

Fabric: Even the highest quality fabric will eventually become worn out. So, look for a fabric that can withstand a bit of wear and tear. Leather, Synthetic Microfiber, Cotton, Wool, Silk & Linen are usually used. Though, Leather is the most durable material because it tends to wear in rather than wear out.

Tailoring: Make sure fabrics are well tailored.

Springs: Springs ensure durability and longevity.

Keep close watch on all these parameters while buying a loveseat, because each one is responsible for overall durability.

General tips

These are the few common or general tips for making your buying decision more meaningful and logical. Indeed, they seem simple & straightforward, but very useful.

  • Legs that are part of the frame (i.e. not attached with screws) stand up better to use.
  • Always avoid a loveseat, that, held together with staples, glue, or nails.
  • Most importantly, do not forget to measure any doorways, stairways, hallways, elevators, etc. from where, loveseat will need to pass through, to get to the room or space, where you want to place it.

For further information, any specific query, question or confusion, feel free to contact us.

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