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Room Dividers

Room Dividers Buying Guides

Buy Room Dividers with the Classy Buying Guide

Room divider, a room partition or wall divider, whatever name you use, it simply points you towards the one of the most useful pieces of furniture that is found in many houses.

This simple piece of furniture (room divider) is simply a blessing for many home owners or families; by placing it at the right place you can divide one room into two rooms, you can create your own private space where you can do your study or professional work without being noticed or can hide some of the areas of your room from your guest. Not only that, with the help of your room divider or wall divider you can entirely change the look, feeling or mood of your entire home.

Yes, a room divider is the most versatile piece of furniture that truly offers you the benefits of its functionality along with its features.

When you set out to buy room dividers for your room, as a buyer, you will be amazed to see the various styles, from traditional to the contemporary tremendous as well as a selection of sizes and number of colors;this will not only amuse you, but at the same time confuse too, and the first question that will pop into your mind is what to purchase and what not to purchase?

Yes, buying ROOM DIVIDER needs thorough study of the various available sizes, shapes and styles. Depending upon that knowledge, you can choose the most suitable room divider.

To assist you in making the most informed and useful decision regarding buying a ROOM DIVIDER, we have created this buying guide.


As mentioned above, a room partition is the most versatile or multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used for various purposes; before buying it first of all define the usage of it, depending upon that choose the appropriate room divider.

There is various usage options for which you can buy room divider; some of them are mentioned below.

  • Decoration is one major purpose for which a room divider is bought. If you are buying the room divider for decoration purposes, a lightweight along with elegant look is a the most preferable.

  • A changing area or a small place in your room where you can change your clothes is another way of using a room divider. When buying the room divider for this purpose makes sure you buy a solid wood panel not an opaque one.

  • Dividing two rooms without building a solid wall is possible with the help of room dividers; if you are buying a room divider for this purpose ensure that you are buying a room divider that is thick enough and heavy duty.


    The size of the room divider should be as per your requirements or depending upon the size of your room or the height and length of the room. Therefore, it is very much important to have proper measurements of your room where you would like to place the room divider.

    The below mentioned tips are useful as well:

  • Shorter room divider are useful when you dont want too much privacy, but at the same time need some private space.
  • But

  • If you are looking for more privacy that will not only provide you complete privacy, but at the same time completely block the sound, light as well as vision, a taller divider is the most suitable option for you.
  • STYLE:

    The room dividers are available in several styles; to be familiar with various styles refer to the below mentioned brief description of each style.

  • This room divider is made from rice paper and wooden frames; it is cost-effective, portable and at the same time helps reduce glare by avoiding direct penetration of sunlight.

  • These wooden based room dividers are much heavier and more substantial than Shoji style. It is more suitable for traditional or masculine room decor and the best part is that it contains slats that can open and close.

  • This woven grass, rattan or wicker based room dividers are more durable than Shoji paper room dividers, but not as much sturdy as wooden based shutter style dividers. It complements tropical or modern decor.

  • This faux leather wooden panels covered room dividers offers plenty of benefits. Being in a two to four panels it is quite comfortable to fold when not required. Opaque surface blocks direct light and sound. Though, being neutral, it can accompany any decor but is the most suitable for traditional or western decor.


    The usage, size & style are major considerations of buying room dividers, but over and above, there are other feature that also holds enough importance. Before buying room dividers pay attention to the below mentioned features.

  • Adjustable shape offers you bent or curved option and helps you to conceal clutter or add space in the fastest time.

  • No room divider can offer you complete protection from unwanted noise but a room divider with sound control has some kind of special material and sound-absorbing fabric exterior that simply helps to control the external sound.


    The room dividers can become your most useful piece of furniture in some certain situations or circumstances. Suppose, if you want to divide certain areas of your room or home, the first thought that comes to your mind is solid renovations; but for some simple division you have better options and the name of that option is a room or wall divider.

    Yes, room dividers not only relieve you from costly, the time consuming and troublesome renovation process, but at the same time enhances the esthetic appeal and decoration of your room.

    The above mentioned ROOM DIVIDER BUYING GUIDE covers almost all the aspects related to buying the most suitable room divider, with the appropriate usage of it, and will make your buying experience more meaningful and more gratifying.

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