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Buffet Servers and Wine Racks

Buffet Servers and Wine Racks Buying Guides

Buy Best Buffets, Serversand Sideboard with The Classy Buying Guide

Many call it a buffet, some call it a server and few call it as a sideboard, but whatever name you give, you will ultimately realize that its the same piece of furniture. You will find it in many households. Although it is mostly used in the dining area, usage is not restrained to the dining area. Buffets easily work in other areas of home like living rooms, family offices, kitchens, foyers or bedrooms.

Yes, buffets, servers or side boards is one of the most useful bits of furniture that helps to store several items like linen, wine, glassware, silverware and additional dining accessories.

To buy the best buffets that not only satisfies your requirements, but at the same time helps to improvise the overall aesthetic beauty of the home, you need to keep certain points in mind. Please see the below Buffets buying guide that provides useful information in this regard.


While buying the buffets, servers or sideboard the first and most important point to know is about the various types of buffets. Yes, it is very much essential; because proper knowledge and adequate information in this field will help you buy the most suitable servers. Whether you pick up a classic or modern style, do not forget to take notice of the overall decor of your home.

Here are some of the most popular buffets with brief descriptions.


A cupboard buffet is the most basic one found in many households. This is typically 36 to 42 inches high. It mostly consists of shelves behind doors.


Another most popular form of buffets is a buffet with cupboard and drawers, as its name suggests. It consists of both, so stocking of various items becomes relatively easy.


Some buffets offer additional features like bar storage or a stereo component storing place inside the cupboard, along with an open wine-bottle rack.


This buffet is one that has a matching hutch, a separate tall cabinet, placed on top of it. It looks a lot like a wall unit or a china cabinet.


Although it is not so popular, you may find buffets that contain a mirror.


When you add a table and chairs to any usual dining room, it becomes tight in space; and when you now add the guests in it, hardly any space remains for keeping other dining accessories. In this situation; it is buffets, servers or side boards that become a most useful piece of furniture.

Before buying it, make sure that you are buying the buffet of most appropriate size. You have to measure your dining area where you would place the buffet accurately, and in addition you need to check the dimensions of the buffet itself.


Whatever type or style of the buffer you choose must have flexibility. Flexibility should be referred in two terms. First, it should allow you your required space for storing items of various shapes and sizes, now as well as in future too. Second, it should have adjustable shelves or compartments that can be set as per the demand and requirement of time.


Depending upon the space of your dining room or the area where you would like to place the buffet, choose the door style. If you have space, swing open is good; but if you have a limited space, slide open or closed on tracks is the most suitable option.


Buffets, servers or side boards are sure way to append some extra space to your tight dining room. Various shapes, sizes and styles of buffets provide much needed space to your required area, and at the same time add the beauty to your home too.

Simply, you need some specific tips or guidelines to help you buy the best buffet. The above mentioned buffet, server or sideboard buying guide is your sure way to buy the best buffet.

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