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Office Chairs

Office Chairs Buying Guides

Buy An Outstanding Office Chair With The Classy Buying Guide

An office chair is one of the most essential and important pieces of furniture in any office. Because

  • It is your office chair that provides you comfort when you have a stressful experience.
  • It is your office chair that provides support to your back in all the right spots.
  • It is your office chair that beautifully combines with the other pieces of furniture.
  • It is your office chair where you spend long working hours. Meaning, your office chair is the most used piece of furniture in your office while resting or working.
  • This utilitarian part of furniture, will assure your comfort, and if selected properly, it will raise your productivity, and empower your functioning effectively. Therefore it is very important to pay a considerable amount of time to buy your office chair.

    For the knowledge and information of all the buyers, we have composed the most essential criteria and important elements of office chairs. It will not just improvise the decor of your office /home office, but at the same time itll offer you instructions of buying the best office chair.


    The backrest is the first and most important feature to look for in any office chair. Your office chair is the second most important piece of the furniture after your bed. While sleeping, you may spend about eight to ten hours in your bed, but while working or resting, you spend about the same quantity of time in your office chair. Inappropriate selection of it may not only diminish your productivity, but at the same time create some health related problems too. An inadequate backrest can put strain on your back while youre seated. In long run it turns out as back pain. To avoid this, choose the office chair that provides you adequate back rest. It should support both your upper and lower back appropriately. Aside from providing support, it must be adjustable so you can prevent discomfort, and fine-tune it to your most desired level of ease.


    The seat is one of the most important and determining factors of buying any chair. While buying an office chair, make sure that the foam density of the chair should be high enough to keep you sitting comfortably throughout the day. The seat must be adjustable so it can allow you to change your body position more often swiftly and smoothly. It should also be strong enough to hold your weight.


    Most of the time we work on tables that cant be adjusted in height, so your table remains fixed in height. It is therefore your office chair that should have an adjustable top, since the adjustable height will provide you with various seating choices. You can then adjust your arms and elbows accordingly, in align with your table height.


    Depth and Width of an office chair are the most crucial factor that lets you sit comfortably. A deeper seat is good for a taller person and a shallower seat is better for a shorter person. Proper depth and width provides you with ample opportunity to change your seating position as much as possible. In addition, it is suitable for people of various sizes and shapes.


    You spend a lot of time with your office chair, therefore the you resting your arm is almost indispensable. For that, office chairs with armrests are much more preferable. Chair with armrests take some of the strain off your neck and shoulders. For more comfort and convenience, choose the office chair with adjustable armrests. That will let you place them in a fashion that allows your arms to rest comfortably.


    Office chairs with swivel and casters gives you easy mobility. Office chairs with swivel and casters allow you easy access to various parts of the desk, as well as to reach other people who are sitting on stationary chairs. Further more, choose an office chair that is suitable for your floor, whether it is a carpet, hard surface or a compounding of both.


    Upholstery Fabric of the chair should be comfortable and durable. Comfortable meaning, it should be breathable so that it shouldnt become hot and uncomfortable after long hours of sitting in it. Durable meaning that it should hold up, and be rough and strong. It should also be resistant to stains, and the stitching should hold up and not tear.


    Leather and vinyl chairs are generally considered as the most durable and comfortable. If durability is the only criteria in your mind, then go for leather or vinyl chairs. If you want to let your skin breathe easily, go for fabric. Depending upon your preferences, choose the most appropriate material for your office chair.


    Office chairs are available in assorted styles, so choosing the most appropriate style is indeed a daunting job. Though traditional style chairs are comfortable and over sized, modern style chairs are much more innovative, sleek, stylish, elegant, functional and ergonomic. Depending upon your own choice, overall decor of your office, other furniture and budget, choose the most suitable style of an office chair.


    Office chairs are a function of the decor of any office, hence many people try to make sure they look good without caring too much about the health related influences the chair will bear on the person who uses it. This is absolutely wrong thinking, since you are going to spend nearly eight to ten hours each day working on this chair. Make sure it should not cause any long term health related problems. Before buying it, refer to the above mentioned buying guide and based on that select the most appropriate office chair.

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