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Living Room Sets

Living Room Sets Buying Guides

Give Lovely Look To Your Living Room With The Classy Buying Guide

As a part of our mission to 'educate' our customers, providing them with useful & trusted information: we have identified the core areas and made this living room furniture buying guide. This guide will not only add overall impact but, at the same time serve a practical purpose too.

The living room is the busiest area in any household. This is the room where, as a child, as an adult and as a senior member of the family you have witnessed many incidents & events. It is the area of your house, where most of your memories are associated with.

Not only that, but it is the connecting point of your house, where you connect with outsiders as well as insiders. Because guests will generally meet you there when visiting. And for the family it is an ideal place too: having a TV set & the Fireplace in it, it is the perfect place for you to connect with each other and discuss your day and any other topic of interest.

Looking at the overall importance of the living room in the entire house; decoration, design and arrangement of furniture will need proper planning, exceptional attention, detailed description, suitable selection and personal care.

'First impression is the last impression' suits truly to the arrangement and decoration of the living room.

How To Choose Living Room Furniture

Size of the living room

The size of the living room is one of the major factors that influence buying furniture. So depending upon the size of your living room choose it appropriately.

Generally; Sofa/Sectional, Coffee & End tables and Recliner/Chair are the minimum pieces of furniture you may find in most of the living room.


If you have a spacious living room and wish to use every available inch of space, then you can include an entertainment set, fireplace, and many more items depending upon your own personal preferences and priorities.

Identify the usage of the living room

Clarity of usage in the living room will minimize many of your problems.

There are many ways of using the living room, ex. a place for leisure, a place for entertaining the guest, a place for family and entertaining area, a place where you incorporate your work and at the same time dine with your nearest and dearest.

The more clear you are regarding the usage of your living room the less cluttered it will be. Because, your objectiveness will help you to choose the right types of furniture.

Suppose, if you want to utilize it exclusively as a place for family and entertaining area: an entertainment set along with a fireplace is an ideal combination. But, if you are interested in utilizing it as a plain guest entertaining area 'less is more'. Because, it will not only create a decent image, but at the same time relatively easy to manage and maintain.

Natural architecture of the living room

Overall room architecture and the natural view can also influence living room furniture buying decisions. A view overlooking the city needs a different set of furniture than the room with sea-view. A room with one or more pillars needs a different set of furniture than a room without any pillars. Selection of furniture for a room with curved windows will differ from the room with a flat window.

So while buying living room furniture, keep a close watch on these factors too. Planned and systematic approach in this area will enhance the overall appearance of the living room.

Maintenance of furniture

Depending on your lifestyle choose the appropriate pieces of furniture.

If you are a full time professional who, without any help maintains the home on the weekends, 'less is more' or 'functionality over fashion' should be your furniture buying mantra.


If you are the queen of your house, OR, household lady without any outside obligations, go for a gorgeous look. Choose the furniture which not only gives a majestic or aristocratic look to your living room, but you could choose something that will need regular maintenance. Having enough time for regular maintenance and proper cleaning means you can pick the best without worrying too much about the maintenance or the cleaning part of it.

Measure as a mathematician

You have identified the usage of your living room, closely observed & analyzed the natural architecture of the living room and are now ready to shop. But before that, wait for a moment:

Have you properly measured the room?

Before shopping for furniture, measure each doorway, stairs, hallways and ceilings very carefully.

Just imagine the scenario.

You have selected the best pieces of furniture after detailed study, you have bargained hard for desired prices and after long waiting, your dream pieces have arrived at your doorstep.


Unfortunately, due to the height or length of the doorway it is impossible to enter it into the room. Understand the importance of perfect measurement before placing the order.

Not only that, perfect measurement gives you a complete idea of how much room or space you have for furniture and how much space you want to keep as an empty or free space. Small and simple errors in this area can create fatal outcomes.

Last but not least,

Leather, Microfiber, and Fabric are the three basic materials available for the upholstered pieces of your living room. Each comes with their own distinct features. Thoroughly, review the pros and cons of each type before making a final decision, or, have a look at the below mentioned list.

  • Leather
    • Pros: Durable, Stain resistant, Stylish. Cons: Scratches pretty easily.
  • Microfiber
    • Pros: Stain-proof, Good look. Cons: Less durable than leather.
  • Fabric
    • Pros: Variety of colors and material. Cons: Least durable.

Living room furniture sets require huge investment and if you'll need to return or replace it can create lots of stress. So to avoid any inconvenience later on, invest adequate time before buying.

If possible; try to buy it online. It may seem strange but is a very significant suggestion. Online shopping gives you an opportunity to compare pricing from a number of stores without the hassle of travel. Not only that, but with minimum time you can look at many different sets and see various setups easily and very quickly.

Many online stores provide longer warranty periods and free delivery in specific regions. During festivals, special occasions and on some specific days many online stores offer additional discounts, hot deals and freebies. So, it will not only save you money & precious time, but at the same time gives you the best shopping experience.

The Classy Home is one of the online shopping stores, where ease of buying combined with pleasant customer service will give you the ultimate result: An awesome experience.

'Actions speak louder than words' we mean it.

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