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File Cabinets

File Cabinets Buying Guides

Find fabulous file cabinet with The Classy Buying Guide

When you set up your office/ home office, there are certain pieces of furniture that are very much essential to run your business smoothly. It does not mean, without it, you cant function or perform your professional task, but having availability of it makes your task much easier.

Office desks and chairs, are some of them; But we cannot underestimate the importance of the File Cabinet in your office/home office.

The following are some advantages of a file cabinet:

  • File cabinets are a requirement for a well-organized office.
  • Multiple styles and designs of file cabinets help you make the most of your space.
  • File cabinets provide valuable storage space that stores all your important documents and files etc.
  • File cabinets keep your documents protected, organized, and out of sight
  • While buying any piece of furniture there are certain points that should be kept in mind; Same thing applies to file cabinets, since they store all your important & confidential documents, and files.

    To make your buying experience more enjoyable & help you to find fabulous file cabinets we are providing detailed descriptions of different type of cabinets, to help you make an educated decision before purchasing.


    There are various types of file cabinets available in the market. So, first of all, determine the types of file cabinets that you would like to place in your office/home office. To understand it properly, here, we have briefly described each type of file cabinets along with some useful information.


    Vertical file cabinets are common in most of the offices. Being tall in shape it uses a minimum amount of wall space. It is most suitable for the offices/home offices that have a small space.(Needless to mention, it needs an area that is equal to the depth of the file cabinet plus the length of the drawer when open.) The number of drawers differs from model to model; two to five drawers are most common. Vertical filing cabinets are useful for storing and organizing all your standard sized legal documents, files and papers.


    Lateral file cabinets are short & wider in shape. It occupies more space, but is very useful for storing over sized papers, big projects with lots of paper work or papers that need to be stored flat. Their usual heavy duty construction supports massive storage, useful for big projects. Being wider it usually has fewer drawers; mostly two to five. Since its usually lower the top of the cabinets can be used as a desk or table space where you can place your printer, scanner, fax machine.


    Once you have identified the type of file cabinets, the next important point for consideration is what type of material or construction you would need. Wood or Metal? The furniture market is fully loaded with both types of file cabinets. Both materials have their own merits and demerits.


    Advantages of Wood file cabinets

  • It looks very classy and professional.
  • Various color options available in the same wood like red toned cherry to dark brown tone.
  • It provides a feeling of warmth in your office/home office.
  • METAL:

    Advantages of Metal file cabinets

  • It is easier to fit them in office/home office.
  • A wide range of color as well as style options are available; so mixing & matching with other furniture is relatively easy.

    Your file cabinet is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your office/home office where you store all important documents, files and confidential papers. The security of it entirely depends upon the lock on the file cabinet you choose. For storing your most confidential papers file cabinet with a central locking system is most preferable.

    A fire proof file cabinet protects your papers from fire.


    While buying File cabinets be clear about your buying budget. How much money you want to spend on this piece of furniture, is first and most important question you need to ask yourself. Think about the various features of the cabinet, which may affect the budget. The type of file cabinet you want to buy, the material, the style and any additional features you want to have in it, like central locking system etc. may affect the price of the cabinet you choose. So, before buying create certain budget & stick to it. It will help you save your money on impulsive buying.


    Whether you are working from your office/home office, the file cabinet is one of the most useful &worthwhile pieces of furniture. Because, there are some certain important papers like your insurance papers, tax information, users manuals, school or work memos that you invariably find in any setting; which is handiest to store in a file cabinet.

    Select most appropriate file cabinets by going through above mentioned buying guide that suggests you some elementary but really solid points.

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