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Fireplace Buying Guides

Find Fabulous Fireplace With The Classy Buying Guide

In cold winter, chilly nights which piece of furniture do you, as well as your body need badly?

The first thought appears in your mind. FIRE PLACE

Yes, the fireplace is the most desired piece of furniture especially for those who live in cold weather or more often experience chilly nights.

But, to generate heat,or to maintain the temperature of your room or house is not the only task your fireplace performs, but apart from it, your fireplace, if bought with proper care, can enhance the overall decor of your room or your house.

A new fireplace can become an exciting affair for any home so, while buying it some certain points, some solid suggestions, some trustworthy tips, and some helpful hints should be kept in mind that not only ensure better buying but at the same time offers true value of your hard earned money.

To establish your buying experience more meaningful and more enjoyable here, we have given FIREPLACE BUYING GUIDE.


First and most serious consideration about buying fireplace is selection of fuel types. Since, your fireplace is a once in a lifetime kind of purchase and installation of it is on a permanent basis, selection of the appropriate type of fuel or energy becomes the most vital point of purchase.

Because selection of fuel or energy of your fireplace will affect your budget, choosing it wisely becomes more essential.

To make you more familiar with each fuel type or energy we have described each fuel type with its unique characteristic along with other important elements associated with it.

  • When you choose to install gas fireplace, you have two options. First, natural gas. Second, LPG.

  • Natural Gas:
  • Natural gas may be less expensive in comparison of LPG but the availability of it in your area is the most crucial point of consideration.

  • LPG:
  • LPG may be comparatively expensive in comparison of natural gas, but the easy availability of it makes it a better option of natural gas.

  • Some fireplace uses both gas.
  • The best part about gas fireplace is it can be easily turned on and turn off.

  • Electric fireplace produces heat or warmth simply by heating coils through the power of electricity. There are various options in electric fireplace so choosing depends upon your own preference. The best part about electric fireplace is that it does not produce a natural flame so no vent is necessary and it can be installed very easily.

  • Wood fire place is most traditional fire place among all. Cost wise it is not cheap and at the same time it requires great amount of maintenance because for fireplace cleaning and disposal of ash process is time consuming &you have to allocate time for it. But, overall it gives you a complete experience of fire with its smoky scent.

  • Gel fireplace is mostly used for indoor. It provides completely clean burning experience with absolutely minimum installation process. Best part, it uses gel fuel, so you dont need gas or electric and gel fuel sold separately in cans, so whenever and wherever you want to utilize it you can use it. But, it is comparatively expensive.


    Once you have completed the first phase of the buying process and decided about fuel types, the second, but a very important phase of buying process starts and that is which mounting options you would select.

    To provide you enough information on this area detailed description has given below.

  • Free standing fireplaces are available in a number of styles, designs, sizes and shapes. It can be attached to the ceiling; you can completely attach it to the wall or just keep it as a free standing unit.

  • Table top fireplaces are most convenient for outdoors. It sits atop a table and most useful for those who have sited around it.

  • Wall mounted fire places are preferable selection for both indoor as well outdoor spaces. It is generally connected to a chimney. It comes with attached mantels or be left bare so, the homeowner can choose the appropriate design.


    Electric in-wall installations used in an existing fireplace or cabinets in this type of fireplace.


    Furniture market offers you numerous option for the selection of fireplace. Once you start to research it, you will be amazed by the wide range of fireplaces available in the market. Each fireplace is quite different from another, from the design, its function, feature &a style point of view.

    So if you dont have a predetermined budget in mind, chances are that you may buy a wrong or more expensive fireplace than you can really afford.

    While fixing the budget do not forget to add installation cost along with actual appliance cost in mind, because many times installation cost may be much more than the actual appliance.

    These are the few parameters you have to keep in mind while allocation of budget.


    Size of the fireplace should be always in the proportion of a room or house size. Because for larger or big rooms, small fireplaces cannot be much more useful. At the same time height of ceiling, square footage, number of windows are also crucial points helps to decide the size of the fireplace.


    Fireplace buying is not every day event. But in many case it is a once in a lifetime kind of purchase. The cost of the appliance and the cost of installation is a huge investment not only that, the type of fuel also affects your budget.

    So buying a wrong fireplace can cost you a lot more than your imagination.

    Therefore, it becomes of utmost important to have a proper planning, detailed study, authentic information, rigorous research before buying, and in that area above mentioned fireplace buying guide provides very much useful information.

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