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Buy Best Bunk Beds with The Classy Buying Guide

Imagine these scenarios;

  • Your family is growing, but space of your home remained same. To accommodate your all near & dear one under one roof seem a distant dream. What would you do?
  • Your kid has grown up and he/she wants his/her own personal space; where he/she can rest, relax or do whatever they want to do at their own leisure time. What would you do?
  • You want to make your kids more independent, more self-reliable, so, they can manage their small problems with their own instinct & intelligence. What would you do?
  • All the problems mentioned above mention are real and many of you have experienced it in your life. If you are one of them; buying a BUNK BED is a great way to solve these problems.

    But, while youre kids are super excited and this is a great idea; there are several facts to consider. It is costly, it requires space & there are many safety concerns that you need to think about. Below mention buying guide offers useful information along with some trustworthy tips, solid suggestions & helpful hints.


    First and foremost in the buying process of bunk beds; weve listed several things you need to consider.

  • Is it going to be used by a kid or an adult or both?
  • Is it going to be used by boy or girl or both?
  • Is it going to be used by one or more than one person?
  • The few questions mentioned above will help you to identify the suitable bed for you.Depending on these answers; only you can properly select the most suitable types from twin-on-twin, twin over full, futon bunk beds.

    Needless to say, after considering above mentioned questions do not forget to consider about the age of the person who is or who will be going to use that bunk bed.


    Once you have successfully completed the issue of usage; another important point of consideration is your available space. Bunk beds can be quite space-consuming, or could be used as a space saver too. It is very much important to think about it at the initial stage of the buying process.

    While deciding about the size of bunk bed take height, length & width into due consideration. For Instance, if the top of the roof is too low it limits the height of bunk beds. If your room is too small it certainly limit the width as well length of bunk bed.

    So, available space is most essential point of consideration while buying a bunk bed.


    The first step towards the buying bunk bed process starts by selecting a suitable type. Because there are various types of bunk bed available in the furniture market & each one has their own unique merits. Below mention detailed description provides you useful information regarding various types of bunk beds.

  • Twin-on-twin or standard bunk bed is a basic bunk bed. Two twin beds stacked one on top of the other.

    Obvious advantages of bunk beds;

  • Many bunk beds offer you facility to separate into two individual beds.
  • It permits two people to sleep comfortably.
  • It allows a person on the bottom bunk to sit comfortably without bumping his/her head.
  • This is more or less same as standard or TWIN-ON-TWIN bunk bed, but it has one major difference; it has large or full queen-sized bed at the bottom.
  • Obvious advantages of twin over full bunk beds;

  • Bottom bed offers more space so it is most suitable for an older or fat child who wants a larger bed or more space while sleeping.
  • It is most suitable for guest room because it offers space for adult & child or both.
  • The bottom part of futon bunk bed consists of futon sofa and a twin bunk on top.

    Obvious advantages of futon bunk beds:

  • It is ideal for the kids, those who have lots of sleepovers, because the bed is on top and they can sleep peacefully without occupying space.
  • Bottom part of futon bunk bed consists of a futon sofa; it can be used as seating place for doing various activities like reading or watching TV etc. and for sleeping too.

  • Many bunk beds offer you facility of storage. They come with drawers, usually, installed under the bottom part of the bunk; some manufacturers offer it as built-in-dresser. These storage drawers are useful for kids to store their personal things. If storage space is your concern this is suitable option for you.

  • Some bunk bed come with a third-mini bed that simply remains beneath the bottom bunk and whenever you need, pull it out. It becomes useful when you have some unexpected guest arrives at your home.

  • Bunk beds are generally designed for kids; manufacturers of bunk beds know the psychology of child & their love towards various colors, paintings, drawings & other child related decoration. So, each bunk bed offers you a wide range of selection of colors & other decorations.

    While selecting bunk bed keep in mind about your kids taste of colors and style. Based on this; make your decision, so that they feel complete satisfaction while using it.


    Buying a bunk bed is a major decision and definitely needs proper preparation and research.

    The above mentioned bunk bed buying guide addresses all the interrelated issues when purchasing a bunk bed. With the help of this guide you will hopefully be able to make a smart decision when buying the bunk bed of your dreams for you and your kids.

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