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Modern Sofa Beds

It used to be that sofa beds had to be bulky, flower-covered, heavy cloth pieces of furniture that did nothing for the design of a room. However, thanks to modern design trends and choosy stocking on the part of The Classy Home, you can now find modern sofa beds that are not only stylish, but extremely comfortable as well. You can choose from microfiber, leather, and fabric sofa beds all in one place, with free delivery in City.

Our modern sofa beds are made to enhance the look of living rooms. We offer traditional, 'pull-out' style sofa beds, sectional sofas that double as twin sofa beds, and futon-style creations that are nothing short of breathtaking. At The Classy Home, we believe that sofa beds don't have to sacrifice quality and beauty for function. With our line, you can truly have it all!

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We invite you to browse our selection of modern couches to discover the right style for your budget and personality. If you find that you need to cancel your order at any time, we ask that you do so as soon as possible after placing your initial order if you live in City. Orders cannot be canceled once they've been sent out for delivery.

If you live outside of City, you have a few more days to cancel, but the same rules apply. Once an order has shipped, you own the furniture. However, if your furniture arrives damaged, we will send you a replacement.

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