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Modern Couches

One of the most modern trends in couches is the use of microfiber. This hybrid textile is created using polyester and polyamide. The strands of microfiber material are less than one denier, making them extremely small. This fabric is known to be extremely soft and durable, and it is a cinch to clean.

With all these superior qualities, it's no wonder that furniture makers have chosen to enhance many modern couches with this fabulous textile. At The Classy Home, we incorporate microfiber couches into our inventory every chance we get. These couches are exceedingly comfortable, wearable, and beautiful. In neutral beige or bright red, modern microfiber couches in are the way to go for almost any decorative style.

Stain-Repelling Modern Couches in

The type of microfiber used for our couches is designed to repel liquids and stains. Because the individual fiber strands are so small, they have to be woven very tightly together, which creates a trampoline of sorts: Stains simply bounce off of it! Like a high-end car wax, you will notice that stains bead on microfiber instead of absorbing into it.

When you order one of our modern couches from our City store, you will get an immediate confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use this tracking number to determine exactly when your item(s) will be delivered. We deliver Monday through Friday during the week, except for holidays.

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