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If you knowingly believe that throws seem to be of no use and function, think again! The throws available at The Classy Home feature distinct styles and colors that would aid in the aesthetic satisfaction that you've always craved for. Despite its usual stagnant placement on various parts of the house, throws are a great source of comfort and coziness especially during the colder days. Throws are then also known to have that elegance feel to it which further transforms into a classy and one-of-a-kind ambience all throughout your living space. Search among all the throws at The Classy Home, the variety is just too vast, hence the ultimate shopping experience Read More...

Ashley Furniture Mendez Sand Throw

Save: $1.60
$30.45 $32.05

Ocean Tailer Ink Sheepskin Fur Throw

Save: $3.83
$72.85 $76.68

Ashley Furniture Callumn Coral Throw

Save: $2.35
$44.70 $47.05

Which Design do you prefer?


Ashley Furniture Noland Almond Throw

Save: $1.61
$30.50 $32.10

Moes Home Orange Fabric Michelle Throw

Save: $3.57
$67.74 $71.30

Ashley Furniture Danyl Indigo Throw

Save: $4.30
$81.61 $85.91

Ashley Furniture Rolle Brown Throw

Save: $3.17
$60.22 $63.39

Ocean Tailer Cotton Vintage Handmade Throw

Save: $2.90
$55.10 $58.00

Ashley Furniture Araminta Brown Throw

Save: $2.06
$39.05 $41.10

Moes Home Charcoal Grey Keetah Throw

Save: $2.79
$52.99 $55.78

Which Type do you prefer?


Ashley Furniture Anitra Plum Throw

Save: $1.45
$27.60 $29.05

Ocean Tailer Sage Gray Sheepskin Fur Throw

Save: $3.83
$72.85 $76.68

Ashley Furniture Ibrahim Throw

Save: $3.21
$60.99 $64.20

3 Ashley Furniture Haiden Throws

Save: $3.86
$73.36 $77.22

Which Color would you like?

Ashley Furniture Rozelle White Throw

Save: $1.78
$33.77 $35.55

Ashley Furniture Himena Brown Throw

Save: $3.17
$60.14 $63.31

Ocean Tailer Dusty Rose Sheepskin Fur Throw

Save: $3.83
$72.85 $76.68

Ashley Furniture Callumn Beige Throw

Save: $2.35
$44.70 $47.05

Monarch Specialties Blue Ultra Soft Ribbed Throw

Save: $1.27
$24.12 $25.39
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