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If there's one place in a house where you relax, sleep, dress up, and refresh, it is the bedroom. Having proper bedroom furniture is a must to do these activities as easily as possible. The type of bedroom furniture you choose is not only showcasing your unique personality but also says a lot about your decor taste.

With the right choice of high quality bedroom furniture set, you can transform your room into a stylish and restful retreat. So why wait? Furnish your private space with the modern bedroom furniture available at The Classy Home. Our furniture products are not only nice to look at but are also made from high-quality materials for long durability.

Listed below are the main furniture pieces that are needed to complete your bedroom look.

Elegant Beds

Any well-furnished bedroom interior is incomplete without a bed. It is undoubtedly the key component and centerpiece of your room. Buying the right kind of bed is important for good support and comfort.

Always consider the available space in your room as well as the purpose while buying a bed. Pick a Murphy style bed for the guest room, a standard queen for teens, and a king-size for the master bedroom. On TCH, you'll see a wide variety of beds in different designs including platform, sleigh, poster, and canopy. Choose one that works best for your space.


The nightstand or bedside table is an essential item to have beside your bed. It is more of a necessity than a decorative piece. Nightstand does more with less and can be used for different purposes. It provides a convenient space so that you can put items you want within your reach, such as eyeglasses, cell phones, or remote. Our nightstands are available in a different size, beautiful color schemes, endless styles, and appealing design. Some also come with special features and open storage.


A dresser is a good addition to any bedroom, especially for girls. This useful exotic bedroom furniture item helps you get ready for the day and stores makeup products. Go with our mirrored dresser that will add a touch of glam and enhance the look of your room. Or you can even buy our combo dresser which is beautifully designed and comes with many drawers.

Drawer chest

Do you need more storage space without sacrificing your room style? A drawer chest is the best solution to create a clean, clutter-free space. It offers more storage capacity without taking a lot of space. A flat top of the a drawer chest is ideal for setting a lamp or displaying your photos and decor items. Whether you need a wooden chest for a traditional theme or a glass chest for a modern theme, TCH has everything to suit your interior style.

Wardrobe/ Armoire

An armoire (also called a wardrobe) is a unique bedroom furniture piece that is great for organizing your clothes and other things systematically. The addition of an armoire will improve the functionality and beautify the overall look of your bedroom. The wardrobe is generally either a fitted unit or a freestanding piece. The right choice depends on your needs.

The Classy Home has a wide variety of modular wardrobe which fits your room and requirements. Here, you can buy an elegant wardrobe that comes with adjustable shelves, numerous drawers, and hanging rails.

These are basic bedroom furniture units but, if you have space then you can shop for vanity set, accent chairs, and bedding items. If you're going to a new home or you want to change your bedroom furniture set, The Classy Home is the best place to get what you're looking for.

Modern Bedroom Furniture Sets

Discover the latest trends in modern bedroom furniture sets that seamlessly blend aesthetics and comfort. Elevate your bedroom with sleek and stylish pieces that reflect your contemporary taste.

Queen Bedroom Furniture Sets

Experience royal comfort with our queen bedroom furniture sets. Designed for elegance and functionality, these sets provide the perfect backdrop for a restful night's sleep.

King Bedroom Furniture Set

Indulge in luxury with our king bedroom furniture sets. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these sets offer a grand and spacious feel to your bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Set

Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary design with our bedroom furniture sets. Create a modern and chic ambiance in your personal space with our curated selection.

Rustic Bedroom Furniture Sets

Bring the warmth of nature into your bedroom with our rustic furniture sets. Each piece exudes charm and character, adding a touch of countryside allure to your living space.

Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets

Embrace the timeless beauty of wood with our bedroom furniture sets. From rich mahogany to light oak, our wood sets offer durability and a natural aesthetic for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

At The Classy Home, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest in modern wood bedroom furniture sets. Explore our collection and redefine your bedroom with sophistication and style.

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