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Contemporary Dining Room Sets

Many contemporary dining room sets combine the traditions of old-world furniture making with new trends in design. For instance, at The Classy Home in, we feature hand-carved wooden dining room sets that are made with a contemporary flair. This way, you can have a modern piece that you appreciate but can still hand down through your family if you so choose.

We also have glass top dining room sets that set the bar for contemporary pieces with style. With beveled edges, chrome accents, and geometric designs, these sets can turn any drab room into one that is hip and impressive. We invite you to order as much or as little as you want, and we'll ship it for free in City. Across the nation, we'll ship for a flat fee, never to exceed $300.00--no matter how much you buy!

Caring for Contemporary Dining Room Sets in

For contemporary wood dining room sets, there is no longer as much maintenance needed as there was years ago. Today's contemporary sets require only dusting and an occasional polishing. In contrast, old wooden tables and chairs needed waxing and refinishing quite regularly.

At The Classy Home, our dining room sets are designed for ease of use and length of wear. To polish your table, we recommend using standard table polish and a lint-free cloth every few months. We also recommend that you never wax your table or chairs, as this can build up a residue on your pieces and dull them over time.

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