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Can you please confirm the dimensions of the three-piece TV entertainment center Pictured at the top of this sales brochure? It sounds like you”e™re saying it”e™s a 25.5 inch wide unit but it looks like it”e™s much larger, like a 50 to 60 inch flat panel. I am very interested in the design if the dimensions would fit a 55”e to 65”e display.

Asked by James Backer on 24 December 2017 | Coaster Furniture Black Silver Left Right Pier CST-700682

Answers: Hi, Thanks for choosing to take an interest in our store. You might not have noticed that you're looking at the pier only and therefore the dimensions are not adding up. The following link is for the complete entertainment center; the maximum TV size is 60 inches.

Coaster Furniture Black Silver Left Right Pier CST-700682

ul li This Sophisticated Wall Unit Features A Large-Scale Center Console And is Constructed With Metal And Tempered Glass li li Matching Towers And Bridge Available li ul

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