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Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables are designed to be sleek and chic. They are pleasing to look at and give any room a modern and crisp feel. In City, glass coffee tables are ideal for city residences that feature a metropolitan design scheme. In other parts of the country, glass coffee tables have a variety of uses, adding style and functionality to a number of different design plans.

Glass coffee tables are easy to clean and maintain. The only real maintenance that they require is dusting and glass cleaning. Dusting should be performed with a lint-free cloth or even an old T-shirt. Glass cleaning spray can be used with a non-abrasive cloth on the surface of your coffee table to wipe away fingerprints, watermarks, and other stains with ease.

Buying Glass Coffee Tables in

Square or rectangular glass coffee tables are usually only ideal for homes where there are no children or elderly people. This is because the edges of these tables can be quite hard to gauge, given their transparent nature, and many people accidentally run into them. For children and older people, this is obviously a safety hazard.

If you do have children in your City home and you still want a glass coffee table, we recommend one of our oval or rounded options. These stunning tables feature soft, rounded corners that don't present any sharp points. They are attractive and stylish, as well, offering you both safety and beauty.

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