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Formal Dining Room Tables

Historically, formal dining room tables stem back to the Middle Ages in Europe. During this time, royal and noble families would gather in a 'great hall' (the first dining room) around tables set up according to status. The most distinguished family would sit at a raised table, with the patriarch seated at the head. From there, long rectangular tables would be placed throughout the hall, in order of family status.

In today's modern era, smaller dining rooms have replaced large, formal halls. In the same vein, one formal dining room table is typically the only furniture in an eating area. Although some homes have more than one dining room or multiple tables, most people only need to find one great piece to decorate their formal dining rooms.

Take Care of Formal Dining Room Tables in

We recommend that you take careful precautions to keep your table looking luxurious. For wooden dining room tables, polish should be applied often to keep the coat shiny. However, wax and polish with silicone should be avoided, as these can cause graying over time. For glass-top tables, a simple glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth will keep your formal table looking new for years to come.

At The Classy Home, you'll find a wide selection of formal dining room tables to choose from in. We'll ship yours to you for free, as well, as long as you live in the immediate area of City. Outside the city, we also ship quickly and affordably across the United States.

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