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Vanities Buying Guides

Buy Versatile Vanities With The Classy Buying Guide

There are many pieces of furniture that can be placed in many positions, depending upon the use and convenience of the family members.

Vanity or Dressing tables are such a composition of furniture that can be placed at as many places. You may see it in the bathroom; and you can notice it in the bedroom as well. Vanity sets are the most useful pieces of furniture in any household, because mirrors are needed by everyone in your home. A complete set with finely finished drawers and a complementary chair as part of the vanity set, enhances the overall functionality and aesthetic beauty of the bedroom. Women probably spend more time by vanity sets, for putting makeup on, trying on their old and new clothes etc.

Seeing the importance of a vanity set in our bedroom, it becomes very useful to recognize the essential details that need to be kept in mind while buying a vanity set.

Vanity Set Buying Guide

Types of vanity sets

Once you decide to buy a vanity set, collect the information about various types of vanity sets available in the market. You may be amazed to find that there are various types of vanity sets. For the knowledge and information of potential buyers, we have given a brief description of each type.

  • Attached mirrors: These types of vanities have mirrors that attach to the spinal column of the dresser.
  • Separate mirrors: These types of vanities have mirrors but it is hung on the wall on a secure nail and hook.
  • Sit-down style: These types of vanities are most common. Its a small chair or stool that pulls up to the knee hole. It is flanked by drawers or towers.
  • Stand-up style: These types of vanities may be towers, armoires or raised traditional vanities with high table surfaces.

Style of Vanity Set

Vanity sets are available in various styles. Before buying, determine the appropriate style that completely suits the bedroom. There are various styles available.

  • Traditional: Traditional style offers smooth textures and finish metals. They are polished and sculpted.
  • Contemporary: Smooth cabinetry, sleek faucets, monochromatic color schemes and symmetrical arrangements are special features of this trend.
  • Casual: This mode is more functional than decorative by design.


Consider the specific space where you would like to place your vanity set. It is of much importance that you measure the width, height and depth of the field. Depending on the available area, choose the most appropriate vanity set that not merely raises the optical beauty of your bedroom, but at the same time it provides you with a place to apply your makeup with more relaxation.

While evaluating the space, do not forget to think of how much space you will need for the chair.

Materials & Finishes

Materials and finishes are another important criterion to be kept in mind while buying the vanity set. The material choice will influence the strength of your vanity set. Solid wood, veneer or laminates are some examples of the materials that determine the lifespan. Not only that, while choosing the fabric, make sure its stain resistant, so that you dont need to clean it frequently.


Above and over, do not forget to take your budget into consideration when purchasing the vanity set.


Buying a vanity set is an exciting decision, it provides you a personal space to set your makeup, and to get ready. But to choose it, you need proper planning. By conforming to the above mentioned points, you can buy the most appropriate vanity set.

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