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Sofa Tables

Sofa Tables Buying Guides

Buy Stylish Sofa Tables with The Classy Buying Guide

When you start to buy your living room furniture, there are some pieces of furniture that truly hold importance. Even though, a sofa table is not a necessity in a living room, looking to the overall importance of it, it can easily be found in many households.

Sofa tables are useful in many ways; they are ideal for displaying various items within the home, its built-in drawers provide additional storage space. Sofa tables are a smart option that provides you space to feature the most precious valuables and other decorations to portray in your home in one particular place.

To buy solid, stylish & a sophisticated sofa table it is very much essential to know the various options, styles, materials, and designs available. The buying guide below offers useful information related to buying a sofa table; by referring to it to make your buying decision a more informed & educated one.


The most important point to be kept in mind while shopping for a sofa table, is selecting the desirable size of the. While choosing a suitable size, the below mentioned tips can be useful.

The ideal height of the sofa table is when its up to par with the cushions on the sofa or when its slightly shorter. The sofa table length should be less than two-thirds of actual length of the sofa; the size of it should allow free space around each side and the size should look more pleasant to the eye with the harmony of the overall d?cor of the room.


Sofa tables are available in various shapes; each type is useful for some specific purpose, depending upon your preference select the suitable type.

Round shape or Oval-shape are suitable for those who frequently entertain guests, because these shapes provide an easy view of everyone.

If you want to make the seating more closely together, then a square sofa table is ideal.


There are various materials used for sofa tables; depending upon your taste, overall d?cor & style of the other furniture of the room or home select the suitable material.

  • WOOD:
  • Wood is widely popular & mostly used material for sofa tables. There are various types of wood with various feels. A teak or oak sofa tables offers a rustic look. Cherry and cedar sofa tables creates a touch of class and sophistication. Dark walnut sofa tables represent modern touch. Normally, while selecting the appropriate wood people look for dark or light wood along with weight.

  • METAL:
  • For those who do not prefer wooden tables, then metal is a suitable option for them.

    An iron sofa table with curved lines simply offers an antique image.

    A steel sofa table offers contemporary style.

    Brass sofa table offers classic appearance.

  • GLASS:
  • A glass sofa table is a suitable option for those who want something more than wood & metal. When buying a glass based sofa table, it is worthwhile to purchase one that is made from tempered glass. The furniture market offers you combinations of glass with other material options too. Depending upon your choice select the most suitable sofa table.


  • Traditional, colonial or Victorian styles sofas are still very much popular. It is designed with slight curves along with longer legs and mostly rectangular tops. Another Victorian style offers more ornate and curvy design. If the d?cor or the interior of your room is traditional along with the other traditional furniture this sofa table will simply enhance the d?cor of the room.

  • The contemporary style sofa table offers you clean & modest design. These are the designs with minimal style. These types of styles heavily emphasize on the geometrical shapes like squared cocktail tables, trestle tables and round shapes. While selecting this style, despite it being in style select only that sofa table which completely suits the other furniture of the room.

  • If the room you want to place a sofa table in is in the more laid-back condition it is preferable to use a casual style sofa table that will simply enhance the overall d?cor of the room.


    Sofa tables are useful for many purposes, before buying or making a final decision determine the major use of it in your home. If you are going to use it as storage look for sofa table with drawers and shelves; if you want to place heavier objects on it, choose a sofa table with sturdy material.

    Before buying it is very much preferable to understand the use of it that will help you select a suitable sofa table.


    A sofa table is a very useful piece of furniture that simply works as a multipurpose piece of furniture. If it is bought while keeping the following in mind it simply enhances the overall d?cor of your room; storage capacity, look and styles.

    The above mentioned buying guide provides useful and detailed information regarding all the points related to a sofa table; with the help of this it will make your buying decision more meaningful.

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