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Sleepers Buying Guides

Secure Sound Sleep Select Striking And Super Sleepers With The Classy Buying Guide

If you have a small living room buying a sofa is a good decision, if you have large or spacious room buying a sectional is best decision, but, if you have a living room, that, during the day time it is used as a guest entertaining area and at night used as a sleeping area, what do you do?

A very tricky, but true problem, faced by many.

Buying a large and spacious house has become relatively expensive; And due to small housing which needs to accommodate many, innovative strategy remains imperative.

If you are one of them, a Sleeper Sofa is the best solution for you.

Because, it not only saves your valuable space, but at the same time helps you to accommodate more members in a small space.

The following points will help you select the most suitable sleepers.

Determine the usage of sleeper sofa

Before buying a sleeper sofa, ask some critical questions regarding the frequency of usage. Are you going to use it as a regular bed on a daily basis? Or, will it be used as a place for visitors to sleep?

Once you are quite clear about the usage or frequency of usage.

Next step should be selection.

If you are going to use it as a regular bed or usage frequency is high or say on a daily basis durability along with comfort level must become a prime concern for you. Because, lack of comfort cannot give you a sweet sleeping experience & non durable sleeper sofas can disturb your budget. So, do not mind spending some extra bucks for getting a durable & comfortable sleeper sofa.

Select the suitable type of sleeper sofa

Once you have identified the usage, the next logical step should be to select the suitable type of sleeper sofa. Select the most suitable sleeper from the below mentioned list.

  • Standard sleeper sofa
  • Sectional sleeper sofa
  • Convertible sleeper sofa
  • Futon

Each sleeper sofa comes with distinct characteristics, so choose the most suitable type depending upon your usage, available space, budget & your own preference.

Determine the budget

Frequency of usage and type of sleeper sofa can help you to create an appropriate budget. Because, if it is for regular use a sturdy, solid & strong sleeper sofa is much more preferable and for that you need to be more liberal with your budget.

But, if it is an occasional guest bed there is no need to be extravagant.

Operational convenience

Operational convenience is one of the most important criteria for selecting a sleeper sofa, because internal mechanism plays a vital role in operational functionality. Initially, it may not catch your attention, but over the years it becomes a major point.

And the best way to ensure it; test the sleeper sofa by pulling out the bed frame and fully extending the bed (in stores only). Fold and unfold or pull the bed in the store as many times as possible.

During the opening process take mental note about the functionality, first of all, observe; Is it too hard to do it? How much time does it take to be fully operational?

If it doesn't open or pull up easily and smoothly, reconsider the decision.

Small but significant suggestions

  • Before buying, be sure about the warranty. Is it period related or life long? Is it available on both the mattress and mechanism?
  • Do they provide a mattress upgrade? If yes, is it free of cost or chargeable?
  • To measure the comfort of the mattress lie down on it in different positions.
  • A Sleeper sofa should be comfortable as both sitting and a spare bed.
  • Look to see that there's a headrest that locks into place easily for nighttime reading or TV viewing.

Though, we don't claim it is a full and final guideline, but it ensures you make the most thoughtful decision. And, that is our aim, to help you to make more meaningful decisions with all the available information.

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