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Night Stands

Night Stands Buying Guides

Buy Nice and Noteworthy Night Stand With The Classy Buying Guide

Do you need a place to keep all your essential and not essential items, like table lamps, clocks, plants, telephones, a book or magazine, a pair of eyeglasses, a small plant, a drinking glass, a framed picture, a TV remote, a cell phone or the things that you cant just put down in your bedroom?

If your answer to any of these is yes, then that place can be easily found.

A nightstand is the perfect spot to keep all of these things.

A nightstand is an end table, a small table or cabinet in the bedroom. It is also popular as a night table or bedside table. More often than not, it stands beside your bed as a very useful and handy space for storing and displaying the things that you need more often. A bedroom will definitely count as empty without the nightstands that you have always been used to.

So, when you are buying such a utilitarian part of furniture that not only gives you space to store all your possessions, but at the same time it adds value to the overall interior of your chamber, youd need to take a few basic points in mind. These will help you make the most appropriate and practical purchase of a nightstand. For the knowledge and information of the readers here we have provided the nightstand buying guide.

Nightstand Buying Guide


Height is the most important criterion to keep in mind while buying a nightstand. Appropriate height should be in relation to your bed because that makes it more convenient to access various items whenever you are in need. However, there are no fixed rules regarding the height of the nightstand. It depends entirely on your own personal preference. Some people prefer taller and some prefer shorter nightstands. Still, one thumb rule is, ideal height should be well within the few inches of the level at which you sleep.

Select suitable style

Selecting a suitable style is yet another important criterion to be kept in mind while choosing your nightstand. Although there are no fixed rules, various people take in different perceptions regarding it. Some people prefer matching style to the other parts of furniture in the bedroom, whereas many people choose complete contrasting styles and finish, in comparison to the rest of the furniture in the chamber. Therefore, it would depend on your own preferences, to select the most desirable style to enhance the overall beauty of your bedroom.

Be clear about selection of color

The selection of the color of your nightstand must also be arranged with the other furniture of your bedroom, so that overall, it creates harmony amongst all of them. Darker colors would absorb light, thereby darkening your room, whereas, light colors reflect the light. Depending on the other furniture in the bedroom you can base your choice of an appropriate color.

Space for storage

Besides for adding decor, another important usage of the nightstand is to provide valuable space for keeping all your important stuff, like a wristwatch to remote control near your bed. So, while selecting a nightstand, do not forget to pay due weight age to these constituents as well. Depending on the things or items you would want to put in it, determine the storage space. There are several storage options available. You can select a nightstand with drawers or you can choose one with cabinets.

Choose the area of installation

Generally speaking, there are two types of nightstands a person would prefer to install in their bedroom, depending upon the available field. First, there is a pair that would be placed next to each side of the bed, almost identical to each other in style and in what its used for. Secondly, there is the one that comes along with larger sets, and its single. Therefore, depending on the area of installation, choose an appropriate nightstand.


Choosing an appropriate nightstand is quite essential because it is a piece of furniture that adds ornate value to your bedroom, and at the same time, it serves as storage space and it helps you hold all your important stuff in order. Hence, by keeping the above mentioned guideline in mind you can choose the most appropriate nightstand.

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