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Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress Buying Guides

Buy Lovely Latex Mattresses with The Classy Buying Guide

The quality of your sleep simply affects your overall health and wellbeing if you do not get proper, quality sleep for a few nights in a row. There are various factors that simply affect your sweet & sound sleeping experience. Your mattress is can enhance or disturb your sleeping experience, depending upon your choice of mattress.

Based on the above mentioned fact, it is well understood that a mattress has tremendous importance in our sleeping experience.

While purchasing such a useful item for daily life, we must prepare ourselves properly and based on that information, we can make our latex mattress buying experience more meaningful. To offer you enough information on the subject we have created the below latex mattress buying guide.


The first step should be understanding to the various types of latex mattresses available on the market.

There are three types of latex mattress available: Natural, Synthetic & Blended.

  • Natural latex mattresses are made of a milky substance harvested from rubber trees. Natural latex mattress made from natural materials tend to be extremely durable, and aids to create a supportive and resilient foam. A major drawback is that it is comparatively expensive to produce.

  • Synthetic latex mattresses are made with man-made material, aka styrene-butadiene rubber. Styrene-butadiene is made of petroleum-based ingredients and may also be blended with polyurethane. The best part about synthetic latex mattresses is that it is relatively less expensive to develop and offers consistency in quality. A major drawback is that it is less durable and less resilient in comparison to natural latex.

  • As the name indicates this type of latex mattress simply blends both materials; natural as well as synthetic. Blended latex mattresses are often made by using approximately 30% to 40% natural and 60% to 70% synthetic material (This ratio differs from manufacturer to manufacturer). The best part about blended latex mattresses is that it offers benefits of the material and at the same time it is reasonably priced.


    There are two main methods used in making latex mattresses; Dunlop & Talaly.

  • The Dunlap method is the original process; it is done by mixing and frothing the latex, pouring that mixture into open molds, and heat-curing the foam. After this process, the material is completely washed and dried. This process being cost-effective, offers reasonable prices of finished products; but due to the inconsistent cell structure, it wears quickly.

  • This method uses a few more steps to prepare the finished products. These advanced steps simply create a uniform cell structure and due to that it provides more resistance to compression and makes it possible to create a wide range of firmness.


    Once you have went over the above mentioned points, another significant stage of the buying process is the construction of your latex mattress.

    A true or genuine latex mattress is produced only from latex foam without using springs or other foams. Support should come from the latex cores that has a firmer base layer that will normally remain 6 to 8 inches thick. The mattress market offers you diverse options in this area, depending upon your preferences and budget select a suitable mattress.


    Latex mattresses offers various firmness; selecting it depends upon your taste. While selecting the firmness keep some points in mind like your sleeping habits, your weight and your comfort level. These are the few parameters that differ from person to person.

    ILD or Indentation Load Deflection is a standard measurement that can give you accurate measurements regarding the weight required to compress a sample of the foam 25%. Based on this, you can choose a mattress with proper firmness. The higher numbers of oiled indicate firmer foams whereas the lower number indicates softer foams; thus based on your own preference choose the firmness of the latex mattress.


    Once you have carefully passed through the above mentioned points the last part of the buying process is the selection of a suitable mattress cover for your latex mattress. Even though, it all depends upon the individual preference, there are some primary things that should be kept in mind like flexibility, breathability and durability of the cover material. Cotton and wool are two most preferable materials for your latex mattress because they are stretchable as well as better at wicking moisture, and do not inhibit airflow like any other synthetic material.


    For those who do not prefer memory foam mattresses, a latex based mattress is a suitable choice because it provides a very firm and bouncy support to your entire body. The best part is, that it remains the same throughout all the layers.

    Looking for the vital role of mattresses in our rest & relaxation, it is important to devote a reasonable amount of time for buying your latex mattresses. The above mentioned points about latex mattresses provides you with enough information on the subject. Make your buying experience more meaningful and enjoyable with the above mentioned tips.

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