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Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring Mattress Buying Guides

Buy Best Innerspring Mattress With The Classy Buying Guide

Nothing is more precious and priceless than sleep at the end of a long, exhausting and tiring day. Yes, our health and happiness very much depend on our quality and quantity of sleep. It is a proven matter that sleep deprived situations create lots of stress and frustration on human nature.

The above mentioned matter specifically points the finger towards the importance of quality sleep in our life. But quality of sound & sweet sleep depends upon many factors; the mattress on which you sleep is one of them.

There are many types of mattresses available in the market; each one of them possess some unique and distinguished quality, Innerspring mattress is one of them. To offer you enough information on the buying process, we have created a specific buying guide. It merely helps you to reach your decision.

The simple meaning of an innerspring mattress is one whose core contains more or less amount of coil springs.

Despite being standard in the mattress industry for a long time, innerspring mattresses got a huge percentage in the mattress market. Nearly all the innerspring mattresses have the same outlook appearance, but when taking a closer look only you can determine the divergence.


The first and most important point to keep in mind while buying the innerspring mattress is the coils; because it is the most important part of an innerspring mattress that provides the support to the resting body. It is essential to have proper support for maintaining a healthy spine and quality sleep and that is provided by coils.

While considering coils in an innerspring mattress there are other important points that should be considered properly.

Coil count

The old popular belief that the more coils in a mattress, the more supportive holds; not too much significance these days; because these days construction of coils is considered as the defining element, mostly responsible for overall support and consolation of the mattress.

Normally, for full bed 300, queen bed 375 & king bed 450 coil count is ideal or preferable.

Coil construction

  • Gauge: Gauge is measurement of thickness of wire used for construction of coil; the lower the number the heavier the gauge.
  • Working turns: Working turns is term referred for a measurement of how tightly the coil is wound in each coil. Coils constructed with a number of working turns will simply result in durability as well as softer mattress.
  • Tempering: The tempering process refers to heating and cooling the coils to ensure that the coils retain their proper shape over the time. If a coil has gone through double heat tempered, it means that it passed through the process twice and it ensures increased durability.

Coil design

There are four main coil designs used for making the best innerspring mattresses. A brief description of each design is given below.

  • Bonnell coils: Bonnell coils are the oldest and known as the original mattress coil, it is still very common. It is an open coil design that has an hourglass shape. The diameter of each coil is largest on top as well as bottom and tapers towards the center in circle form.
  • Offset coils: The offset design coils are similar to bonnell coils with round & hourglass shape. The circles at the underside and top of each coil are flattened edges that simply provide more effective and efficient hinging action. It prevents noise and at the same time helical connection prevents them from side to side when compressed.
  • Pocketed coil, independent or individually wrapped coil: Pocketed, independent or individually wrapped coil have each coil individually wrapped within their own fabric pocket. Since, each coil is detached; the remainder of the bed isnt disturbed by the surrounding coil movement and it plainly aids to decrease motion disturbance of another mate.
  • Continuous coils: The continuous coil springs are produced from a single length of wire formed into a series of loose S-shaped rolls. The basic goal is that by attaching each coil to its neighbors, the mattress core will be more stable, indestructible and strong and it simply reduces stress on each one and diminishes fatigue.


The upholstery or padding is all about various soft layers of the mattress that simply surround the innerspring unit that provides the comfort of your bed. There are four essential layers; insulation, cushioning, quilting and ticking contained by any innerspring mattress upholstery.

  • Insulation: Insulations are fibers or mesh constructed layers that rests between the coil spring and the padding. The basic purpose of the insulation layer is prevention of outer layers of padding from pocketing into the coils.
  • Cushioning: The cushioning or middle padding layer lies on the upper side of the insulation layer and beneath the quilting layer that tops the mattress. It can be made from latex, visco elastic foam, felt, convoluted foam, non-woven fiber pads, cotton, wool, polyester, silk, cashmere or goose down. This layer is largely responsible for longevity, comfort and price of your innerspring mattress. For example, if a set has silk or cashmere cushioning, simply it will cost more than any other ordinary cushioning.
  • Quilting: Quilting is the topmost layer placed inside the mattress. Usually, it is made of foam and fibers stitched to the underside of the ticking. The quilting layer provides additional padding that simply offers the tone of softness to the mattress surface when poked and also offers a means for the mattress to breathe. The quilting layers vary from quite plush and soft to firm and resilient.
  • Ticking: Ticking is an elaborate word of the mattress cover; it is the protective outer layer of fabric that covers the mattress. Normally, they are constructed from man-made fibers such as polyester or a cotton-poly blend, silk or linen.


The foundation is the unit upon which the mattress is placed. It is preferable to have a well-made foundation because it elevates, supports and prolongs the life of the mattress. Box springs, torsion module foundation and slatted bases are the majority selling foundation on todays marketplace. Each foundation offers some unique and specific advantages over others; so selection should be purely on the ground of your own taste.


To get a more peaceful and qualitative sleeping experience you need a cool and calm place; but it is not too useful if your bed or the mattress on which you are sleeping is uncomfortable. The Furniture market offers you various mattress options, to select one out of them is indeed a daunting job. Innerspring mattress is one of them and to purchase it you need to know many things connected to the innerspring mattress. To provide you useful information on this subject the above described innerspring mattress buying guide was created; make your buying experience more enjoyable and meaningful with the help of it.

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