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Gel Mattress

Gel Mattress Buying Guides

Buy Genuine Gel Mattresses with The Classy Buying Guide

Is there any need to explain the importance of quality sleep in our life?

No, as all of us know very well, the quality and quantity of sleep is very much responsible for our overall well being, happiness & health. It is scientifically proven that each human being needs proper rest & relaxation for maintaining the overall standard of his/her mental & physical health.

From all the facts above it becomes quite clear for all of us; we do need proper quality sleep that simply uplifts the mood and brings cheerfulness in our day as well as our life.

There are many factors that simply affect our quality of sleep; the selection of mattresses is one of them. If we select an appropriate mattress, the proper rest &; relaxation provided by it will uplift our mood and create the feeling of cheerfulness in our day.

The gel based mattress is one of the types of various mattresses available in the market. Below we mentioned a detailed description for a gel mattress buying guide, to help you buy a genuine gel mattress.

What is Gel?

Gel is a semi-solid material made from either natural elements or synthetic materials, bonding with water or vegetable oil. Gels are generally liquid, but due to a three-dimensional cross-linked network within, the liquid acts like solids. These are the qualities that allow gel to compress, stretch and absorb energy as well as come to its original shape; it simply offers pressure relief and motion absorption.

Types of Gel Mattresses

The first step towards buying a gel mattress begins with understanding the various types of gel mattresses available in the market. For further information on each type refer to the below mentioned detailed description.

  • Gel infused foam: Heat retention and response time are major drawbacks of a traditional memory foam mattress; however, it is improvised in a gel based mattress so they become more & more popular on the market. Gel foams are created from two types; infusing gel molecules or simply adding gel beets to memory foam. Both of these have more resistance to foam so it does not allow you to sink too much, and at the same time allows the gel particles to absorb excessive heat so you get the cooling experience.
  • Solid gel layer: Solid gel layer is used for improving the feel on the top of the mattress. Usually, manufacturers use a very thin solid gel layer for delivering the unique jelly feel and maximized cooling effect. It is a well-known fact that the overall feel of the mattress mostly depends on the thickness and softness of the gel layer. This layer has a waffle-like surface that channels air circulation.
  • Collapsible column design: This design utilizes hundreds of hollow columns made from gel. Due to sharing their vertical wall, they create a honeycomb pattern and thats why it is also known as a honeycomb design. Combining all these columns in a grid creates a very unique support system. That support provides the well-balanced support to the entire body and besides for that it ensures enhanced temperature regulation through improved air circulation.

Density of gel mattress

Like any other mattress, gel mattresses are also measured through its density. Gel mattresses generally range from 3 to 6 pounds. The higher the number the firmer the mattress will be. Depending upon your own preference and comfort level while sleeping, select the suitable level of density.

Cooling effect of a gel mattress

The cooling effect of a gel mattress depends upon the amount and form of a gel, and how close it is to the body. If the top of the mattress is a thick gel layer it provides the maximum cooling effect; whatever the cooling effect is, it is rather temporary and many times you will not even notice the difference.

Benefits of A Gel Mattress

Gel mattresses offer motion absorption that simply keeps your sleep intact despite frequent movement by your partner

  • Gel mattresses offer relief from pressure
  • Gel mattresses offer resiliency and shorter response time
  • Gel mattresses offer a cooling effect
  • Gel mattresses are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic


The furniture or rather mattress market is fully loaded with various types of mattresses. Each type offers some specific advantages as well as disadvantages; to choose one among all of them is indeed a daunting task. At each stage of the buying process, you will come across various new terminology and features of the products.

The above mentioned buying guide provides valuable information on gel mattresses; it simply helps you during each stage of the buying process and makes your buying experience more meaningful & more enjoyable.

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