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Futons Buying Guides

Fabulous Futon Buying Assured With The Classy Buying Guide

Buying furniture needs thoughtful decision, because most of the pieces of furniture you buy remain in your house for a longer period of time.Thoughtful& well planned decision is the most essential quality for buying any kind of furniture.

Like any other piece of furniture, a Futon is also one of the most useful pieces of furniture that are easily found in most of the house.

A Futon is a traditional Japanese bed, that now a days has become popular all over the world.


  • Futons serve as an economical way to conserve space in a living area.
  • prices of futons are relatively low.
  • Futons are lightweight, easily movable, portable &transportable.
  • Futons are easily repairable.
  • Futons serve a dual purpose; daytime as a comfort of relaxing on a couch & at night, asleep area.
  • Futons are available in various styles.
  • Futons can easily fit in living rooms, offices and bedrooms.
  • To provide useful &accurate information regarding buying Futons, we have mentioned a few tips that will help you buy the best,most suitable futon.

    Why you are buying a futon?

    Before buying a futon, answer these critical questions.

  • Why you are buying or thinking of buying a futon?
  • Are you going to use it as a couch for comfortable lounging?
  • Would you like to use it as a comfortable sleep area?
  • Or, will you use it as a portable bed?
  • These are a few critical questions.The most accurate answers will help you determine the most suitable types of futons.

    Types of Futons:

    1. The Bifold Futon:

    This is the most common among all Futons, in which the futon mattress is folded in half along its length.

    2. The Trifold Futon:

    The Trifold Futon allows the mattress to be folded three times.

    3. The Loveseat Futon:

    The Loveseat Futons are the most useful for small space, a home office, guestrooms etc.

    How much space do you have for the Futon?

    The second point to keep in mind while buying a Futon is, how much space do you have? If you have smaller or limited space, Bi-fold futons are most suitable.They fold once more, which is compatible for small space.

    If you have a larger space, Tri-fold is a good option.It has three sections; the seat, the back and the lower portion. These occupy large space. For night sleep or for more space to spread out, Tri-Fold Futons are best.

    What type of Futon mattress will you need?

    Select a mattress depending on the usage of your futon.

  • A combination of cotton and foam are the most common mattresses found on the futon. It is available in various thicknesses& price ranges. For usage as an occasional overnight guest bed or living room seating, this is the most suitable mattress.
  • Innerspring mattresses are the most common for conventional beds. Inner spring mattresses are more likely to hold up over time, while providing the necessary support.
  • Memory foam mattresses are another option you have. Though it is costly, it offers excellent support. For regular use as a night bed, this is most comfortable mattress for a futon.
  • Frame Material for Futon:

    The frames of futons are entirely exposed and visible.Therefore it is a significant element of the overall look of the Futon.

    To check the frame materials is also a very significant point to keep in mind while buying a futon. Futons come in various frames, finish and materials and each of them some unique attributes. Metal and Wood are the most commonly used frames in Futons. Both of them are sturdy, solid and long-lasting.Choose appropriate frames depending on your own preference.


    Apart from above mentioned points, do not forget to keep the other furniture in your house in mind while buying a Futon. If most of the furniture you have include metal frames, choose the futon with the metal frame. It creates complete coordination among various pieces of furniture.

    By following the above mentioned points, you can pick the most suitable Futon for your home. It can be your lifelong piece of furniture.

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