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Day Beds

Day Beds Buying Guides

Buy Decorative Day Beds With The Classy Buying Guide

A day bed is a very functional as well as versatile piece of furniture that is suitable for a bedroom, home office or any other room of your home. It is the oldest type of bed available on the market.

The Obvious Advantages of Day Beds


A day bed is a multipurpose piece of furniture; when placed in a living room it is a suitable option for a lounging chair and at the same time it can become a sleeping bed for overnight guests. Besides that, it adds aesthetic value to the overall decor of the room by keeping harmony with the other pieces of furniture.

Easy storage

Day beds offer you the much needed extra storage space, so for those with limited space it can be most useful.

Prefer for small space

If you have a small space or your room is tiny, arrange the day bed as a centerpiece in the room and the rest of the furniture should be around it. This will make your tiny place much more attractive.

Day bed is useful for outdoor

The day bed is also useful for outdoors. It creates cozy images & a comfortable relaxing experience.

Day Bed Buying Tips

While buying such a useful piece of furniture; you need to find out some good tips which simply help you at each stage of the buying process. The below buying guide covers almost all the important points regarding day beds.

Place for the day bed

The day bed is a versatile piece of furniture so you can easily place it in any room of your home. Before buying, first of all determine the spot where you would like to keep it most of the time. Based on that, decide on the size, type and material and fix the room or place where you will put the day bed.

Uses for a day bed

The day bed is a multi-purpose piece of furniture. It can be used as seating, or for sleeping and at the same time fill the gap of other furniture in a room or home. It is very much essential that as a buyer, you should be clear about the uses of it. If it will be used as a regular sleeping bed you need a sturdy and strong bed but if it is bought to supplement other pieces of furniture; you need to pay more attention to the style part of it.

Day bed frames or material

The above mentioned tips will help you select the proper bed frames or material for your day bed. Normally there are wooden and metal based bed frames available on the market, but many people prefer a combination of both as well as an upholstered version of it. For a detailed description refer to the points below.

  • Wooden based, day bed frames: Wooden based day beds are commonly found in many households; its durability, elegant look and various colors make it a popular choice. People can easily choose from the different types of wood; each offers some unique characteristics. Maple, oak, pine, cherry or walnut; each one of them offers unique colors that are quite different from others.
  • Metal based, day bed frames: Metal based day bed frames are popular as well. They also come in various styles, colors, design & patterns. The best part about it is that it is much lighter than wood, so if you want to move around your day bed then a metal based day bed is a suitable option.
  • Upholstered based, day bed frames: Upholstered bed frames are covered with leather or fabric. This material makes its surface softer for an easy experience, especially when the rear of the day bed has a support level while sitting. This is the most suitable choice if your day bed will be used more as seating throughout the day.

Day bed mattress type

Day bed with mattress is an easy and beneficial option to buy. And thats why the mattress is also an important part of the day bed buying process. There are various choices available for mattresses; foam, spring coil and quilted are some of the choices.

If you choose a foam mattress, you will have a choice of the firmness of the mattress. Foam mattresses are available in various firmness, so depending upon your preference you can select a mattress.

If you select a quilted mattress, it offers softness. While selecting it, make sure that the mattress offers a relaxing experience in sitting and sleeping position.

In both cases do not forget to accurately assess the dimension of your day bed.

Styles of Day Beds

A day bed being a versatile piece of furniture comes in various styles. Before choosing the suitable style, first of all carefully understand the existing decor and style of your room and based on that you will select the suitable way.

Canopy day beds

The canopy day bed has four posts that generally support the metal frame. It is the most suitable for a teen or childs room. If you want to create a romantic feel or atmosphere in your place, make a canopy with heavy draped material.

Chaise day beds

A chaise day bed simply offers you the best solution for sitting as well as sleeping. It is most suitable when you desire to stretch out for a nap or just to rest & relax.

Reminiscent day beds

A reminiscent day bed is the best combination of traditional elements with contemporary comfort. If the overall decor of your room or home is traditional, then a reminiscent day bed is a suitable option.

Standard day beds

The standard day bed appears as a couch, but offers the functionality of primary or secondary sleeping space. The best part about it is that they are available in numerous styles & shapes.


A day bed is a good combination of functionality along with comfort. The primary function of a day bed is to provide rest & relaxation during daytime and when needed at night. If bought with proper planning and detailed study it will simply enhance the overall decor of your room or home.

To buy the best day bed you need to thoroughly understand the various elements that impress the buying process. The above buying guide simply offers you valuable information regarding each matter; by using it appropriately it will make your bed day buying experience more meaningful & enjoyable.

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