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Cribs Buying Guides

Buy Cute and Comfortable Cribs with The Classy Buying Guide

As a parent of a newborn, your first and foremost concern is to find a suitable & comfortable place for your little one to rest & relax safely for the first few months or years of his/her life. You have various options like,

  • As a parent, you are in a better position to determine which of the above mentioned items is suitable for your newborn; each one of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. A CRIB seems the best available option because it not only saves you money but it also minimizes your worry.

    As a parent when you are choosing such a suitable, comfortable and safe sleeping option for your newborn, you want to know as much as possible regarding the crib. Hence, to provide you with the most authentic & accurate information regarding the crib we have created this buying guide, that will assist you in buying cute & comfortable cribs


    When you want to buy a crib the first and most significant piece of advice for you is to find the most suitable crib option for your child. The furniture market is fully loaded with several options of cribs that come with different characteristics; each of them offers various styles, plans and blueprints.

    To provide you enough knowledge regarding various cribs, we have compiled a detailed description of each option.

  • As the name suggests one can guess that it is a crib that is built with four-stationary sides that throughout the lifespan of the crib will remain fixed or stable; therefore it is also called a static or standard crib. The usual dimensions of fixed side cribs are 54 inches long and 30 wide; the height may vary from producer to manufacturer. This is the most economical crib, more than any other type.

  • From a safe point of view, this is the most risky crib; therefore there is hardly anything worth to note regarding this option. In many places it is illegal to manufacture trade or even donate drop-side cribs.

  • A convertible crib is the most suitable and multi-functional crib from all cribs; it is equipped to turn into a day bed, toddler bed or even a double bed. Of course this is the costliest among all other cribs, but it can last from the newborn stage and indefinitely into childhood, so its worth the money.

    But before buying it, keep it in mind; if you are planning for more children in the future, you have to keep it as a crib only. Not only that, you need to save various parts that are needed for the transformation, for a longer period of time.

    Thus, if you are comfortable with above terms a convertible crib is one more choice for you.

  • A rounded crib is the most comfy & cozy looking, as well as space-saving crib among all of them. The standard dimensions of a rounded crib are between 40 to 50 inches in diameter.

    Now you have a complete idea of how many types of cribs there are and what are the features they offer. Depending upon your own choice, preferences, available space & budget select the most suitable option for your loved one.


    Once you have selected a suitable crib from the above mentioned types, there are some major and a few minor features that should be looked at seriously. To provide you with clear cut guidance in this regard we have mentioned some of them below.

  • Pick the foam mattresses that offer high density; the high density of foam mattresses provides pure pleasure of relaxation and rest which offers a cool & classy comfort level to your loved one.

  • The slats of a crib must be arranged in such a way that it must be able to prevent your babys head from slipping through or getting stuck in it. Therefore,you have to make sure they are close enough to each other.

  • If you are buying a crib with safe corner posts make sure that it should be no higher than 1/16 of an inch.

  • If you buy a crib with an adjustable mattress the support height it provides makes it easier to get your loved one in and out of the crib with ease.

  • An attached changing table or crib changers is a crib that is attached with changing table.

  • If you are looking for ample storage space, cribs with bottom drawer is the most suitable option for you.

  • Cribs, especially convertible cribs need lots of assembling; as a parent if you buy the convertible crib, make sure, it requires minimum assembly.

  • If you are planning to move the crib in various spots in the house, a crib with casters is the most suitable option for you, because casters, which are metal or plastic wheels at the rear of the cribs four posts helps for easy movement of the tot.


  • Always take a firm stand to buy the crib that meets the current Federal and ASTM standards.
  • Before the arrival of the baby, make sure the crib you are going to use is in working order or if you are going to assemble it, that each part is available.
  • Always use the parts that are instructed, under no circumstances use substitute or makeshift hardware.

    As a parent of a newborn, there are many things you have to know, that is directly related to your newborns health, happiness, rest and relaxation. The more sleep he/she gets, the more relaxed he/she will be, and the combined effect of all these rest and relaxation, proportionately reflects on the wellness and happiness of a newborn.

    And for that, always make sure that you are buying the most comfy and convenient crib, because, at least for few initial months and in many cases years it will be the resting place for them.

    So, while buying a suitable crib you have to take note of many points. The above mentioned crib buying guide helps you buy the most suitable and safe crib.

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