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Coffee Table sets

Coffee Table sets Buying Guides

Purchase the Perfect Coffee Table Sets with the Classy Buying Guide

Whenever you visit any living room; one piece of furniture that is invariably found in most of them is a coffee table.

Yes, the coffee table is often the focal point or centerpiece of furniture in most living rooms. From a simple townhouse to modern country home, stylish suburban mansion and sophisticated studio apartment; Coffee table dominates the place with their various shapes & styles. The coffee tables are therefore considered an essential part of the interior decoration plan.

The coffee table is a multipurpose piece of furniture. It provides you with invaluable space for holding your coffee and other drinks. Coffee table offers you valuable storage where you can set or store various items like remote controls, coasters, magazines, books, dinner plates, a vase etc.

Whenever you want to buy such a useful piece of furniture, it is essential to have the right information that can help you to make your decision. Below, are some detailed descriptions of various points in the form of a buying guide and will provide you with the necessary information on the subject.


The best part about buying a coffee table is that there is no standard size. The furniture market offers you various sizes, so you always have the option to pick up the right size coffee table for your home based on the size of your room. But, despite of it there are some thumb rule needs to be followed while buying it. First, height of coffee table should be as same as sofa cushions or slightly shorter; second, the length of the coffee table should not be more than two-third of the overall length of the sofa.

Over and above, if you want to create a down-to-earth feeling lower setting is preferable; some coffee table size allows you to sit on the floor in front of them.


Coffee tables are available in several forms. There are numerous shapes of the coffee table, so selecting suitable shape in alignment with the overall decor of your room is never a difficult task, it just depends upon your own use. Below are some shape options:

  • Circular or Oval coffee table is the most suitable if you frequently entertain guests.
  • Round coffee tables are most appropriate if you frequently gather groups of people, because it offers facilities to maneuver around very much safely.
  • The square coffee table offers faced seating.
  • So, from the above mention descriptions and details it becomes very clear that there are various shapes available for the coffee table; and best part is that each one of them offers some unique and specific advantages over others. So, it would be the best for you to select the suitable shape in accordance with the overall layout and interior design as well as the design of the other furniture in your room.


    Like any other pieces of furniture, coffee table also available in various materials. Wood, Glass, Metal, Lift-top coffee tables. These are just some of the material that is used by various manufacturers to provide various shapes and sizes to customers. For detailed descriptions refer to the below information.

  • WOOD:
  • Wood is widely used material for coffee table; it offers several styles like sophisticated, simple, classic, modern etc.; and it also come in all ranges of finishes as well as colors. The best part about the wood finish, it simply mixes and match with any kind of interior decor of your room.

  • Glass based coffee tables; being very graceful and stylish, easily match with almost all the design, room or decor. Normally, they are made with smoky or transparent glass tops which has either metal or wooden legs. Although it offers great styles, if you have small children there is always the risk of shattering the glass. But, that risk can be minimized by buying the coffee table made from durable and reinforced glass.

  • Metal based coffee tables are made by using various metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, etc. They are extremely sturdy and therefore very durable. The best part about metal based coffee table is that they can easily fit into a modern style home decor. But while buying it, keep in mind that they get quite warm in the sunshine and may reflect the sunlight or lamp shade in any direction.

  • Lift-top coffee tables are mainly made from wood and are very versatile. The best part about lift-top coffee table is that they offer various sizes and styles and are very functional. By lifting the top of the table you can easily transform it into a dining table or desk. Lift-top tables offer lots of storage space where you can keep many items.


    A coffee table is used for various purposes; so before buying, consider what the basic functions you would like the coffee table to perform. It can be used as a place where you can arrange your artful objects; your coffee table can be your dining table too. So, depending upon the desired function you can select the suitable material.(Ex. a tabletop bedecked in weighty vases will indeed need something more than thin glass material; it will requires rock-solid constructions.)

    A coffee table may also be very useful for storage space; if you specifically require the space, then look for the coffee table which offers you maximum storage space.

    So, the basic function of your coffee table is also one of the most influential criteria for selection and it should be also considered seriously.


    The coffee table is a centerpiece for any home. It is the piece of furniture in your living room that simply grabs the attention of your guests. Looking for the right functions and design, it can be the most useful piece of furniture in your room.

    The above mention buying guide offers important tips related to the buying coffee table; and will help to make your buying decision more meaningful.

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