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Chairs and Ottomans

Chairs and Ottomans Buying Guides

Rejoice Your Living While Resting On Your Ottoman With The Classy Buying Guide

Ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, and it's extremely multifunctional. It has various usages, depending on your own preference. You can use it as a footrest, as an additional seating space, as a storage space, as an occasional table, or you can use one ottoman for all above mentioned purposes. In short, it is a very handy piece of furniture that can be used for various purposes.

Considering the overall importance of the ottoman in furniture, it is very essential to know which points to keep in mind while buying an ottoman. To provide authentic information and accurate details about the latest trends in the segment of ottomans, we will mention some of the most useful points that help you buy the most suitable ottoman.

First of all, determine the usage,

The most essential element in determining if an ottoman would suit your needs is to find out the usage, OR for which purpose you would like to buy an ottoman, as ottomans can be used for various purposes. It can be a footrest, an extra seat, a coffee table, storage space OR a combination of all.

Once you determine the usage, it will help you choose the size, color, shape, fabric and materials. So before buying, be clear about the major purpose of buying and it will help you select the most suitable piece of an ottoman.

Second, determine the size,

Once you determine the usage, you'd need to choose the appropriate size, because ottomans come in various sizes. If you'd like to use it as a coffee table you would need a fairly large one, but if you need it as an additional seating space, it should not be too large. If you'd like to fill up some empty space, 2 or three small ottomans can be useful. Thus, it would not only fill the empty space, but it would also accommodate more people for sitting.

Third, determine the shape,

Ottomans come in various attractive and exciting shapes that not only impact the appearance in a beautiful way, but from a useful point of view they are very much advisable. Because each shape has a specific usage, by choosing shape intelligently you can serve both purposes.

Following is a brief description about various shapes:

Round ottomans

Round Ottomans are the best combination of comfort and versatility.

Square ottomans

The best part about square ottomans is that it can be custom made to the dimensions of a loveseat, sofa or sectional, and it would match the upholstered furniture in the room using matched or accented patterns.

Rectangular ottomans

Most of the time, rectangular ottomans can be used for various purposes. It can be used for sitting, and it can also be used for storage. These would come with compartments or drawers, so you can store books, remotes, newspaper, magazines and many more small items in it.

Select suitable style

After shape, style is one more factor that would need due consideration. Selecting the appropriate style is very important, because style and shape selection plays a vital role in the overall appearance of the room. There are various styles of ottomans available in the market.

  • Standard style
  • Coffee table style
  • Storage ottomans
  • Pouf ottomans
  • Tufted ottomans
  • Sleeper ottomans

Select suitable materials

The ottoman is more or less supporting a piece of furniture, so while buying an ottoman you'd have to make sure that it would match with the rest of your furniture. Choose the material in sync with other furniture of the room. To help you find the right material, we will give a brief description of all materials.


Leather has soft and responsive quality, along with resistance to tearing, bunching or staining. This makes leather the most favorable material.


If most of your furniture is made of fabric, it is preferable to have an ottoman with fabric. Microfiber ottomans are very soft; they come in a variety of colors.


Rattan or wicker ottomans are mostly used for outdoor living spaces. They are lightweight & durable. The best part about rattan or wicker ottomans are, that they are easy to personalize, so you can paint color as per your wish.

Memory foam

Memory foam ottomans are lightweight and are the most economical of all the ottomans.

An ottoman is one of the most useful pieces of furniture. It is often overlooked, but looking for its value in your entire range of furniture, it too deserves enough attention. By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you can select the most appropriate, and the most useful piece of furniture.

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