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Armoires Buying Guides

Avail Awesome and Awe-inspiring Armoire With The Classy Buying Guide

Armoires; one of the most useful & in many cases most essential piece of furniture for any household. Armoires; your handiest piece of furniture that works well for storing and organizing all your important & non important stuff like clothing, computers, accessories, jewelry and many more, from season to season. This large piece of furniture, due to its timeless look and practical function easily found in any household not only that over the years, it has become the integral portion of must have kind of the furniture in any home.

When you are buying such an essential part of furniture that will be used by generation to generation, indeed you need to take many important details in due consideration before making your final decision. For the benefits and knowledge of buyers, here, we have highlighted a few important points that must be kept in mind while buying an Armoire, that will not only make your buying decision more meaningful, but at the same time it assists you in purchasing the best armoires for your household.


When you resolve to buy an Armoire, first be clear about the usage or utility of the armoire in your family. This simple step will facilitate you to select the most appropriate Armoire for your family. Because there are various types of Armoires available in the market, decide if you need to buy Armoire to store all your clothing, dinnerware, bathroom supplies, jewelry, computers in one single Armoire? OR you need to buy different Armoires for a different items or purposes, E.g. armoires for computers.


Once you have decided the us of the armoire, it will help you to get to the next step of your purchasing process. That is, selection of suitable size. Various Armoires have various sizes & various storage spaces. For making it much clearer for the buyers, here, we have mentioned various sizes in brief.

  • Wardrobe armoires are the most common form of armoires that are most commonly found in any household. Broadly speaking, it is positioned in a bedroom for clothing and accessories or in a hallway for outwear and accessories, approximate size of it remains between four to five feet wide & five feet tall.

  • As the name suggests, it is specifically designed to store your TV set along with other entertainment items like speakers, DVD/CD Players, controllers and other consoles for games and many more media. For the role of convenience it has holes in the back or removable panels for cords. Size remains between three to eight feet wide and four to nine feet high.

  • Computer armoires are specifically projected to store your computer, but it is more or less like a desk. It provides space for keyboard trays, CD/DVD holders, Printers & other peripherals.

  • Jewelry Armoires are most utilitarian for the masses who have numerous necklaces, rings, earring, watches & many more pricey as good as cheap jewelry. It adds up with several features like a built-in mirror & facility of simple boxes, simple chest of drawers or traditional two-door style or a regular armoire with drawers within. Normally it may be 18 & above inches high.


    After determining the suitable size, do not forget to pay attention to style; since it is likewise a very important factor that needs to be seriously considered. To provide useful info to buyers, weve made a brief description of each style. Before deciding the style make sure that it fits with the rest of the furniture of the room.

  • Gothic- Very formal & elegant.
  • Renaissance- Designs & decoration are elaborate.
  • Louis XIII- Carvings are very ornate & geometric.
  • Regency- Elaborate finish work and gold leaf inlays.
  • Modern- Simple, plain, unadorned & clean lines in a wide variety of woods and colors.
  • Art Deco- Featuring simple, streamlined lines and available in a variety of woods.
  • Louis Philippe- Simple & functional most budget-friendly armoire styles.

    There are various features available in the armoires, so, find out the important feature you want in your armoires.

  • Cabinets: Cabinets are usually found among Wardrobe armoires.
  • Drawers: Most armoires have some drawers.
  • Shelves: Most armoires have some shelves.
  • Rods: Rods help you hang clothes.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors are usually found among Wardrobe and jewelry armoires.
  • Locks: It is rather usual in most of the high-end armoires.

    The armoire is your handiest piece of furniture. Whether you require to store clothing, television, jewelry, accessories or computer, it provides great deal of space to hold all your important & many times not important items. Though, selecting most suitable armoire that not only provide you additional storage space but enhance the overall beauty of room is daunting task but with the help of our above mentioned guides you can choose the most appropriate armoires that gives you satisfaction throughout your life.

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