4 Ideas To Know For Father’s Day Treat

For the dad who works for his family and always keeps them happy, never expects anything in return. But as Father’s Day is arriving plan something for him that makes his day special and memorable one.

It’s Father’s Day coming, the day when we finally get to celebrate dads and let them know how much we appreciate whatever he does. The man who always cheers up in whatever we do. It’s the time to thank him for all the things he does for his family.

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How To Make Small Space More Decorative

So many stuff and very small space, isn’t it?

How will I put everything in one place?

Will it be congested?

When you have small space, this type of questions might be arising in your mind.

Well, well, well…you can do a lot with small space. Also, you can have some small decorative pieces there. Sometimes it’s good to have small pieces rather than having big decorative items.

A space that can be used in many ways is said to be true space, whether space is small or big.

Talking about how to make small space more decorative, I will talk about the most beautiful and useful piece of furniture.

Let’s get to know that how a small space can be more decorative…

  • Get Into The Design

The design or structure or pattern of any furniture is the important one to consider.

‘Simpler the design, the more attractive it is’….this sentence relates to everything and not only for the furniture or decor pieces.

And yes, it is important to take design into consideration. Because the type designs your existing furniture matters too. And choose the design that matches your existing interior also.

Have you ever felt that a design of a particular piece of furniture doesn’t match in the room or to the other furniture?

Or, the design that totally went wrong to your expectations?

This might happen because you probably chose the wrong design that doesn’t match your interior.

So, be careful and sure in choosing the design for small space.

Queen White Murphy Bed

Queen White Murphy Bed

  • Furniture That Can Be Used In More Than One Way

Ok, so a furniture that can be used in more than one way…isn’t it?

Not every furniture you should have that can be used more than one way but there are some of the furniture that can be used in two ways…

Didn’t get it?

Let me give some of the examples.

Sleeper sofas – you can use it for sitting and for sleeping too. You can have it your living room and sit on it and then you can make it sleeper when you want to sleep.

Day Beds – These are the interesting furniture you can have in your home and it also fits in small space. Daybeds come in various types as daybeds with trundle in which you can pull out trundle that offers you an extra bed. Then comes daybeds with drawers. And you very well know the use of drawers.

Murphy Bed This thing might surprise you and it may be new for you. Murphy Bed is a bed chest that comes with the bed and chest both. So now, you can use it as chest and bed both at the same time.

Queen Espresso Murphy Bed

Queen Espresso Murphy Bed


Twin White Murphy Bed

Twin White Murphy Bed


So that’s it, it’s all about having a furniture that can be used in more than one way and especially when you are dealing with small space.

  • Decorate It With Necessary Items Only

Decorating home is always been one’s dream or passion and when you have small space to deal with, make sure your respective space is occupied with necessary items only.

Because unnecessary things in small space make it congested and also ugly one.

Necessary items?

But what it should be? Right?

Well, there are many options for that and it depends on your furniture style taste.

Suppose, a small space in your bedroom then necessary item includes a bed, a nightstand, a murphy bed, etc.

If a small space is living room then necessary items are sofas, chairs, cocktail table, etc.

We people mostly get confused about the belongings of small space. It’s all about how you make your small space more decorative than before.

Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed

  • Conclusion

So, ended up here and what the overcome is… it’s not only about small space but this tips will also help you in large spaces.

You just have to be sure about every single piece of furniture you’re going to have in the small space. Also, think about everything that in what other ways you can make it more decorative.

Be decorative and creative towards your home.

No matter a small space or big space, if you want to make it decorative, you, yourself have to be decorative and should use the appropriate furniture.

Taking Apart Your Recliner Chair

Moving furniture can be a real hassle. Between the Ashley sofas and bookshelves, it is almost enough to make someone vow to never move again. While this is not true for the sofa sets you own, you can take apart your recliner chair. Breaking the chair down into smaller pieces will eliminate at least one headache. Despite the fact this process sounds complicated, it is actually quite simple, and this step-by-step guide will take you from start to finish without a single tear shed.

Taking Apart Your Recliner Chair:

  1. While standing behind the recliner, reach into the gap between the backrest and the sides of the chair. Pull down on the metal levers inside the gap to release the backrest from the recliner’s frame.
  2. Lay the recliner on its side so that you can access the bottom of the seat.
  3. Find the pins that connect the seat to the chair’s arms, remove the screws from the pins and then slide the pins out to release the front.
  4. Lift the seat of the chair until you can reach the screws that attach the seats to the sides of the recliner. Remove the screws and lift the seat out of the chair.
  5. Use a wrench to loosen the bolts that secure the arms of the chair. Remove these bolts and pull away the arms.

This will leave you will a few parts that can easily be boxed for shipping or transport.

Making a Room Look Larger

Small rooms can be a complete downer. They can make you feel cramped and confined. It’s not something you want to feel in your own home or apartment. Luckily, even if you do have a smaller room somewhere in your living quarters, there are some tricks to making it seem a little bigger than it really is.

First of all, make sure your room is painted a light, neutral color. Darker colors make rooms feel smaller. Always remember to leave the ceiling white. This makes it seem a little higher.

Secondly, make sure when you buy new furniture like a sofa set or some other unique furniture it is able to fit in the room. However, it sometimes helps a room look bigger if you have only a few pieces but make them slightly oversized for the room.

Some of the biggest tricks are for windows and mirrors. Make the curtains go floor to ceiling instead of just covering the windows. This will make them appear bigger than they are and the room, by association, will look larger. Mirrors make every room look bigger. The reflected image helps to increase the appearance of floor space. To add to this effect try putting lights near the mirror to reflect the light. You’ll be surprised how large your room can feel!

Dinette Sets for Outdoor Seating

Summertime is here with a bang. It’s warm, sunny, and feels wonderful to be outside. ‘Tis the season for BBQs and other outdoor entertainment. It’s important that you have the proper dinette furniture to go along with the season. Choosing a dinette set for the patio is easier than you might think.

First, consider the size of your space. It’s important that everyone is comfortable when sitting around the table. You don’t want people to have to squeeze around when they need to get up for more food or to play their turn in bocce ball. Be sure the table and chairs you get are big enough for the number of people that you want to entertain but not so big that it swallows your backyard or patio.

Second, be sure you choose a set that is meant to be outdoors. Check with the salesperson or manufacturer to see if there is any chance of rusting or sun damage to the table and chairs. You may also want to ask about covers, umbrellas, and other accessories at this time. If the set can’t be left in the rain and you don’t have a covered porch or patio, you may want to reconsider your choice.

Myths and Facts about Leather Furniture

Are you planning on purchasing a new sofa set? Has your husband had his eye on a leather recliner chair? Are you hesitant to get the leather furniture because you’ve heard lots of bad things about it? Well, fear not. Classy Home is here to assuage your fears and give you the facts about leather furniture.

Many people think that leather furniture doesn’t last a long time. Where this rumor came from I have no idea but it decidedly untrue. A lot of leather furniture is well made and since leather is a natural material it ages well. It gets a natural sort of patina that just makes the furniture more beautiful.

You might have also heard that leather is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. While this is true upon the first contact it’s not entirely accurate. In the winter, leather absorbs body heat quickly and warms up. In the summer, leather, again being a natural material, breathes and won’t heat up so much that it burns. You need to keep it out of direct sunlight. It’s also a very absorbent material. It is very comfortable in the summer because it soaks in perspiration which makes it the best seat in the house on a hot day.

Cleaning Outdoor Dinette Sets

It’s time! Get out the patio furniture and the grill and start cooking those burgers and hot dogs! It’s the perfect time of year to spend outside in the sunshine! You’ll have to pull your outdoor dinette set out of the attic or basement and most likely it is going to be a little bit dingy from sitting and hibernating all winter long. Don’t worry though, you’ll find that it’s easy to clean off the dinette set and get it ready for those summer barbecues!

For the metal and plastic chairs and tables, you’re just going to want to wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth. You can go ahead and add a cleaning agent to the water you’re using or use a spray cleaner like those from Clorox and fantastick.

The cushions on your dinette set might be a little harder to clean. You’ll want to either zip off the covers (if that’s possible) and throw them in the washing machine or you can just throw the whole cushion in. Here’s a tip, don’t put them in the dryer! You’ll warp the foam or stuffing inside if you put it in the dryer and they won’t be as comfortable. You can also take it to a laundry service to save you the stress of ruining the cushions for your patio set.

Protect Furniture from the Sun

When you go outside in the summer it’s a good idea to wear sunscreen. No one thinks anything of it or that it’s weird to put on sunscreen. We do it because we don’t want to turn into lobsters, get skin cancer, or be uncomfortable when we move around. It’s equally not weird to be worried about the sun’s effect on the furniture like sofa sets and entertainment centers.

A good way to avoid this is to make sure that all of your furniture is not sitting in direct sunlight. If you have a window that gets direct sun for a majority of the day, setting a sofa there will ensure that it turns a different color. Move it to a shadier place where you can enjoy it for years to come. When the sun is directly hitting one spot on the carpet for a long period of time, the carpet will turn different colors. It usually will bleach out to a lighter shade of the original carpet color but sometimes can turn white or a gross yellow color. The same thing can happen with your furniture. While it’s mostly noticeable on your cloth and fabric furniture like sofas, chairs, and ottomans its effects can be seen on wooden furniture too.

Independence Day Sale

It seems that the best time to buy furniture like sofas and end tables happens around national holidays. Columbus Day is when you buy a mattress and Independence Day is when you buy furniture like dinette sets and entertainment centers. Why these became the times of year to purchase furniture, I don’t know. I do know, however, that you should embrace it!

Has your sofa been looking a little sad since you got cats? Has your end table seen more days in your college dorm than you care to count? It might be time to get yourself some grown-up or new furniture! No more hand me downs, it’s time to be an adult!

With deals from 5-8% off on your purchase, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the furniture buying season! Get yourself a brand new couch, treat yourself to a great leather recliner. Get a new nightstand. Tis the season, after all!

In all seriousness, this is the time of year for deals and you should take advantage of them. If you’ve been toying with the idea of a new furniture piece for awhile, you should jump on this opportunity, it won’t come around again for another whole year!

Pet Friendly Furniture

Many people want to strike a balance between having a comfortable, elegant home and one friendly for pets. The fact of the matter is you can protect your furniture without having to buy thousands of pet hair rollers. Leather sofa sets are a good choice for dogs and cats. Many animals don’t like the feel of leather and will avoid leather furniture. Even if they do climb on the furniture, their fur can easily be removed. With cats, just make sure they have a scratching post or else that recliner leather chair is going to look like a tantalizing option for claw care!

Another option is to buy a sofa set and section off one part for the pet. Place their bed there and let them know it is their space and that they are not allowed elsewhere on the couch. Most animals will accept these terms and the rest of your couch will be fur-free. If you want your pets off the couch entirely, you can accomplish that with some training. I would suggest placing a crate or bed for your animal in the living room. That way when the family gathers they feel like they have a place and are a part of things.