Enjoy Summer With Special Sale by The Classy Home

Hi, the season of summer time has arrived!

Nature is replete with various seasons and each season holds its own beauty. And that is also the beauty of nature, because each season gives us the familiarity with various weather.

Can we imagine the world with just one season?

No, no, absolutely not.

Simply suppose the scenario; we are dwelling in the world where only one season dominates the climate, only one season that nurtures the human spirit?

What a terrific situation to imagine!

Yes, of course it is.

Thus, each new season gives us the new promise, new joy and new grounds to celebrate the time of year.We at The Classy Home welcome each season with our own style & our own custom.

Let us welcome summer & celebrate it!

To keep our tradition intact, we are more than happy to announce our annual summer sale.

THE CLASSY SUMMER SPECIAL SALE, your surest way to beat the fabulous offers of furniture from your most trusted furniture online store.

Summer Sale

Summer Sale

During this summer we have come up with bags full of fabulous offer that caters need of each subdivision of society connected to purchasing furniture.

Hence, as a buyer or shopper you can pick up the most desirable pieces of furniture from our full scope of merchandise that is furnished by the finest manufacturers of the macrocosm.

Isn’t it a more suitable time to give a complete makeover to your home?

Isn’t it a more convenient time to give a new style, new look, to your old home with our range of furniture?

Isn’t it a time to avail maximum discount and save huge sum of money?

Yes, it is one of the most favorable times to buy the best furniture for your home, for your office or for your home office.

The classy home is your one point solution for all your furniture related requirements where you can discover the fabulous & fantastic furniture for your LIVING ROOMS, BEDROOMS, KITCHEN, DINING & BARS, OCCASIONAL TABLES, ENTERTAINMENT FURNITURE, HOME OFFICE FURNITURE, DECOR, BABY & KIDS, PATIO & OUTDOOR.



Father’s day in the USA always observed on the third Sunday of June.

Yes, let us consider the fact that:

  • Father’s Day is an occasion to cross off and celebrate the contribution that our father has drawn to our spirits.
  • Father’s Day is an occasion to remember our father’s contribution in preparing us for more meaningful lives.
  • Father’s Day is an occasion to recall the sacrifices our father has made in order to make our life more profound, enriching & enjoyable.
  • Father’s Day is an occasion that provides kids an opportunity to show their love and regard for their fathers.
  • Father’s Day is an occasion to strengthen father-kid relationship.
  • Father’s Day is an occasion that presents us the opportunity to utter thanks to our Father for all their unconditional & pure love and care throughout our lifetime.
  • Father’s Day is an occasion that provides us the opportunity to openly acknowledge the contributions our father has given of himself to our lives and to the society in general.
  • Father’s Day is an occasion to make them (our dad) be proud of themselves.

So, if any of you have thought about how to honor….?

Our everyday hero; who despite all odds and hardship always encouraged us to go on?


Our most dear friend, philosopher and life coach, who supplied all the valuable advice, guidance whenever we needed it?


We know you are confused!

No Problem….

The Classy Home has some superb and beautiful gift ideas that don’t only bond the best between both of you, but at the same time these Father’s Day Gift Idea will make their life more luxurious,  pleasurable and more opulent.


Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here are just some of them….








“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me”.

-Jim Valvano

From early childhood to adulthood you have seen your father as a businessman or professional person. He  always deals with various business related matter like handling customers calls, meeting with various vendors, dispatching the goods to customers etc.  This images of early childhood has shaped your life as a successful businessman/woman or a thoroughly dedicated professional in your respective field.

And now you want to return the favor? Ok, good, at The Classy Home we have an excellent range of furniture for your businessman or professional dad.

Look for….


“I’m always going to love my father”.

-Floyd Mayweather, Jr.        

Being a single dad means fulltime responsibility of being mother as well as father. If you are a young kid   or adult who was raised by a single dad; you know the hardship and the hurdles your father has surmounted to provide you the most normal childhood.

Now, your turn has come to shower your father with the double love of mother as well as father.

Isn’t it a good idea to give him something like this as a gift on this father’s day?




“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.”

-Anne Geddes

As a child, you have seen many roles of your father. Some of them are a protective father who has protected from all the immoralities of the cosmos, a caring father, who have cared for you in each and every minute of your life, a sharing father who has shared some highs & lows of his spirit with you, and last but not least; an entertainer dad or fun loving dad, who have entertained you in the most humorous way.

Okay, now it is your turn…

Do not lose this opportunity to entertain one of the most humble entertainers of your spirit and that is your father.

So, choose below mention items to entertain him…




One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters

-George Herbert

As a child whether young or as an adult you have seen many form of your father. He is a person who lives his life to the fullest, a person who loves each and every moments of his life, a person who has highest standards of whatever he does, a person full of conviction, a  person full of  class.

If your daddy is the same or similar to the person described above, do not disappoint him; get him some cool and Classy furniture to decorate his home with.

During the days of Father’s Day pick something from…..


Come on guys,

Don’t you think FATHER’S DAY is the best time to get  rid of the old and bring in some  new pieces of fabulous furniture for your father?

Isn’t it a great time to throw a complete fresh face or simply refresh the current trend of furniture for your father?

If you’ve ever considered doing this, do not delay!  FATHER’S DAY is the best time to rejuvenate the existing space of your male parent with some brilliant, stunning & spectacular pieces of furniture.

Because, during FATHER’S DAY we receive many exciting new arrivals, huge discounts on various products and categories so you can save huge sum of money on your favorite objects of furniture.

The combined result of all these, in addition to a pleasant customer service guarantees an interesting and incredible furniture buying experience that you will never forget.

For that you don’t have to break the bank, with our FATHER’S DAY Sale you can buy the most:  stylish, elegant, decorative, sturdy and colorful pieces of furniture at the most reasonable cost coupled with a pleasant and happy shopping experience along with various delivery options.

So guys what are you all waiting for?

Do not lose this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Pick up the most suitable furniture from the above mentioned categories to make your fathers living space more lively, vibrant and more appealing with our fabulous offers.



Hello everyone, MEMORIAL DAY is here!

As all of us know, Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. Initially,it was known as Decoration Day. It commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. On this day, many people visit cemeteries and memorials. It is traditionally regarded as the beginning of the summer season.

But for us (The Classy Home), it is the biggest and best opportunity to serve and shower our customers with the most fabulous & finest range of furniture, at the most reasonable and competitive prices.

At The Classy Home, we have cultivated a habit over the years,to make each festival, celebration, occasion or any specific day much more memorable. We offer additional discounts on our excellent and elegant range of furniture,which are manufactured by some of the most prominent suppliers of the world.

To keep our tradition intact, and to maintain our spirit, this year on MEMORIAL DAY, we have come up with one of the most excellent offers for our most valued customers.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce our latest MEMORIAL DAY SALE, just like the previous years, MEMORIAL DAY SALE with a big bang!


We are very glad to offer Up to 13% DISCOUNT on our entire range of PATIO & OUTDOOR FURNITURE on this MEMORIAL DAY.


So, don’t you think MEMORIAL DAY is the best time to get rid of the old, and bring in the new pieces of furniture for your patio and outdoors?

Isn’t it a great time to give a complete new look or just refresh your current style?

If you were thinking of this long ago, do not delay, as MEMORIAL DAY SALE is the best time to rejuvenate your outdoor space.

During the Memorial Day Sale, we have many exciting new arrivals, huge discounts on various products and categories so you can save a huge amount of money on your favorite pieces of patio & outdoor furniture.

The merged effect of all these, guarantee an interesting and incredible furniture buying experience with a pleasant customer service that you will never forget.

In addition, for that you don’t have to break the bank. With our Memorial Day Sale you can buy the most stylish, elegant, decorative, sturdy and colorful pieces of Patio and Outdoor furniture.Overall, you would get it at the most reasonable cost; you would have a pleasant and happy shopping experience along with various delivery options.

So, guys what are you waiting for?

Do not miss this once in a while opportunity!

Pick up the most suitable items of furniture from the above mentioned categories, to make your outdoor space more lively, vibrant and appealing.Our fabulous offer will make this MEMORIAL DAY much more MEMORABLE.

5 Trustworthy tips for buying new furniture for pet owners

Buying new furniture in a pet owner’s home remains to be one of the biggest challenges for many. Because no doubt, that no matter how careful you try to be, or how hard you try to train them; despite all, the scratching, jumping, hair and odors that comes along with them spoils the condition of your furniture, sometimes all too soon.

furniture for pet owners

furniture for pet owners


Anyone who owns pets knows it very well; that since pieces of furniture are expensive items, and are purchased with the thought in mind that it should last for a longer period of time, it is essential to choose furniture which would stay in nice & proper condition that can withstand against your furry friend.

To provide valuable information regarding this subject, we have mentioned some very helpful and trustworthy tips for buying new furniture; Along with some ideas& suggestions for protecting it from fur, stains and scratches.

By following below mentioned trustworthy tips, your furniture buying experience will be more meaningful.


Durability of furniture should be the first and foremost criteria for buying furniture when you have pets. Because no doubt, that as much control as you may have on them, they can certainly get rowdy once in a while, and it wouldn’t go well with any fragile furniture. It is always beneficial to pick durable pieces of furniture so stay upright even when bumped.


Finding suitable fabric for your furniture is another important criterion to be kept in mind while buying furniture. There are various options available for you, select the most suitable.

While choosing chairs, sofas and couches think about stain-resistant fabrics.

Microfiber upholstery is extremely durable, since it won’t shred, puncture or tear. Not only that, it is easy to clean, whether you are wiping up a liquid spill or vacuuming up stray hair.

Crypton is another useful fabric that provides stain resistance, moisture resistance, odor-resistance, and mildew& bacteria protection permanently. Not only that, it is also disinfect-able.


Leather is good for brushing off loose hair of the pet; but, still might not be most preferable for pet owners, since it is liable to tear, scratch and puncture easily. Being that it us usually very expensive, it would be very costly to repair or replace.

Apart from leather, velvet, wool, brocade and cotton should also be avoided.


Color is another important factor that needs to be taken under consideration while buying furniture when you have pets in a home.  It is much more preferable to choose a fabric that is very much close to your pet’s hair color, since it would help hide the shedding hair.At the same time avoid choosing light colored upholstery, since stains and dirt would show up very conspicuously.


Do not ignore the usage of slipcovers. Slipcovers are very much beneficial to protecting your upholstery. The best part is, no matter how spoiled it ever gets by your pets, you can wash it often and easily. They are quiet easily removed to wash and due to that preferred by many pet owners.


  •  There are few areas where your pet frequent relaxes, for those areas opt for machine-washable or easily replaceable rugs; so you can wash it more often.
  •  Always consider buying stable furniture.
  •  Always consider buying furniture with rounded edges rather than pointed.
  •  Insist to buy sturdy and strong coffee tables, since pets often bump and jump on it.
  •  Artwork and photos should be hung at a height high enough so your pets shouldn’t be able to reach for them.


Above mentioned tips are common for pet owners, button top of all these tips, your own preferences, budgets, availability of space are also important pointers which need to be considered. With the help of all of these, choose the most suitable pieces of furniture for you as well as your pets.



Mothers Day Quotes

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother

Yes, mothers are the super-heroes, the nurture and the finest five star restaurants for every single child. Not only ordinary folks like us, but even for the president too. She is the one that a child can turn to any given time.

So, no matter in which job or position you are today;  no matter how much power and authority you have today remember that this wouldn’t be possible without that single most dedicated, loving and humble person in your life.


Mothers Day Quotes

God is everywhere and he remains presence in the form of our mothers.

Attending to the size and stature of earth, and population, it is not possible for God to be a present at every avenue where love, compassion, affection, and unconditional love is called for.

So, what could be a solution?

He simply created ‘Mother’ and thus ended the problem. So, now you can catch her near every needy child irrespective of their age, class, community or civilization.


Mothers Day Quotes

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you-life!

Yes, this is the truth. Not a single gift of yours equals the gift she has passed on to you; and the name of that most precious, valuable and priceless gift is ‘LIFE’.  Yes, your life is a wonderful gift given to you by your everyday superhero – ma, mom, mommy, mama or mother.

Mothers Day Quotes

Always Love your MOTHER because you will never get ANOTHER.

What a factual quotation!

Most of the things in your lifespan that you can purchase with your money, but can you buy the pure & unconditional love of your mother?

No, not a single currency of the world is that much sound, whole, valuable or precious that can match the pure & unconditional love of your mother!

Mothers Day Quotes

Mothers Day is about letting your mother know how special and amazing she is to you by talking a little time to think of her and spend time with her.

But in that respect are some of the social functions that provide you the opportunity to return the same love, affection that your mother adored you.

Don’t you think Mother’s day is most suitable occasion to pay due respect, love, & affection to the most beloved person in your life?

It gives us immense joy to be a portion of this saga of pure love & affection by our own means. Come, enjoy & explore the finest range of furniture at most sensible prices to give your mother.


Always love your mother, because you will never get another!

So guys, what are you waiting for?

Utilize the opportunity in this Mother’s day that is on Sunday May 11 2014.

Do not lose this golden chance to demonstrate the pure passion, tenderness, warmth and cordiality to one of the loveliest person in your lifetime.

Whether you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas or you already know what you want to capture for the superhero of your lifetime, your mom. This year The Classy Home has it all at the lowest prices around, not only that, during this time we run special offer – that you can get 100% Cashback (T&C).

No matter if she’s a female parent of three or a mother to be — you’ll find the perfect furniture Items  to suit her preferences. Looking to shower her with presents and spoil her with luxuries this year? We have the gift ideas and treats moms want most.

Make May 11th Most Memorable Moment for your mother, because she deserves it.


Buying furniture for a home is a very significant decision.


  • Being that it is an expensive item it needs proper attention.
  • Second; furniture bought with view of longer period of time, so, to change or to replace it, more often is not easy.
  • Third; style, color & material of furniture, maximize or minimize the overall aesthetic appeal of the house, depending upon your choice.

Looking at the overall importance of furniture in your house, a thoughtful decision is most essential. But, hectic lifestyle, lack of time, money for gas are some of the factors, can stop us to go physically from one store to another. And due to that, many a times we make the wrong decision.

To avoid all these troubles; why not buy it online?

Wide range of products, pleasant, polite & customer friendly service; Favorable & friendly shipping options available; and most of all the convenience and comfort of buying at your own time & pace. There are many various discounts, coupon codes and from time to time some sale offers & price match available, which are some of the factors making online furniture buying more & more popular.

So, to provide valuable, authentic, accurate and most trustworthy & truthful tips to our buyers, here, we have, mentioned most genuine Online Furniture Buying tips.


First and most important tip make it sure you are buying from the most trustworthy & a truthful online store. And for that, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Do thorough research before ordering.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau report about the online store record.
  • Most of the online stores display seals of various reputable organizations, click on those Seals to confirm they are authentic.
  • Look for a physical contact address and phone number.
  • Read customer reviews.


After researching the reputation of the online store, if you felt happy and satisfied, follow the next step. Be informed about the security measure online store offers to protect your financial and personal privacy.

Because while placing the order you need to submit your location, address, phone no. & other personal details, as well as your financial details like Credit/Debit card or payment details; all your personal& financial information is well within the reach of the online store. So, before, placing the order, make it sure, you are buying from most secure & a safe online store; OR make sure the online store has taken all the necessary measures to ensure safety.

  • Check the URL for the page. The URL changes to begin with https instead of http, indicating the site is safe & secure.
  • Displayed Lock icon is also one of the indicators of online security.
  • For further information regarding the safety & security of online store, read the FAQ section.
  • Do not open any suspicious promotional emails or newsletters.


Most of online store offers coupons to attract visitors to their websites. Many a times, just by signing up to their mailing list, you can receive coupons. Not only that, you receive other coupons, links & clearance deals periodically.

During buying process, search & surf on net, various website offer various coupon codes, promo codes, hot deals, deals of the day, and special offer on various days like Mother’s Day Offer, Spring Sale. Taking advantages intelligently can save you money. Not only that, many a times you may receive free shipping and freebies along with the deal.


Most of the furniture you buy online are available with many other online stores. So, before making a final decision, do not forget to compare prices with other online stores.

Many online store offer to ‘PRICE MATCH’.

For that, you have to do a careful research, but, efforts are more than worthy.


Measurements of your space and furniture are very much crucial factors. Do not ignore it, check & re-check exact measurement before placing order. Always avoid submission of order by just going through the pictures posted on the website, pictures may be deceiving.

Not only that, check the hallways & doorways from where the furniture will pass through.

For avoiding trouble, carefully read the measurement of product, if it is not specified, do not hesitate to call the toll-free number available.


Before placing the order, make it sure, you have read and understood everything about the shipping procedure. Shipping procedure, price, policy and time differs from store to store. If you have any question, query or confusion, resolved it immediately.


There are various delivery methods, tick mark appropriate method upon your choice.

  • Front Door Delivery: Furniture delivered at your doorstep only, not inside your house.
  • Inside Delivery:  Furniture delivered inside your house, but, the driver will not open the box, inspect the package or help you set up the furniture.
  • White Glove Delivery:  Under this delivery method, the furniture is not only delivered inside your house, but, at the same time complete set up is done by delivery driver.


Once you finalized the product, do not forget to read online reviews posted on various forums and social media. Frank & honest review helps you make more meaningful decision.


No doubt that buying furniture online can save your time and money, but to make your buying experience more enjoyable, you should follow the right steps. By keeping above mention tips in mind you can make your buying experience most memorable.

Buying Or Shopping Furniture? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes people Make When Buying Furniture.

Buying furniture is not a routine task that we do on a daily basis, we do understand!

For this reason people tend to make mistakes.

Some of them are quite silly; but very significant which which will not only waste your hard earned money, but at the same time will occupy precious space of your home.

Buying Or Shopping Furniture? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes people Make When Buying Furniture

Buying Or Shopping Furniture? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes people Make When Buying Furniture

To avoid these common mistakes; we have mentioned 10 of the  most common mistakes made by people when buying furniture. By avoiding these mistakes;  you will choose the most suitable pieces of furniture that will not only provide you a maximum sense of satisfaction, but at the same time true value of your hard earned money.


Accurate measurement of the furniture and of the available space;is the most crucial points to be kept in mind while buying furniture.

But despite of it being such a simple and solid suggestion, it is commonly ignored by most people. In fact, It is rated as a mistake #1 committed by many.

Isn’t it frustrating that your new piece of furniture that you bought with much joy never make it into a home,  because either it is too big or broad to enter through the hallways, doors, stairs or elevators. Or it is simply unfit for the place where you want to place it.

So for avoiding this most common mistake make it sure….

a)      You have measured your room correctly.

b)      You have taken into account all the hallways, doors, stairs and elevators.

c)       While buying online you have checked the specs in detail.

d)      If you move a lot, always insist to buy the furniture that will fit into a standard 36-inch door opening.


Impulsive buying is the second biggest mistake people make when buying furniture. There are many reasons for impulsive buying: irresistible price, special offers; freebies along with the piece of furniture and excitement  to make the room more elegant. These are only a few reasons that compel the people to buy furniture without too much consideration.


a)      Do not forget that buying expensive furniture needs proper planning.

b)      Not only that;  the pieces of furniture you buy will remain with you for a longer period of time, so choose wisely.

c)       Before buying makes it sure you have done enough research.

d)      You have done enough homework about size, price, design & color of the furniture.


Another disadvantage of buying furniture impulsively is you are completely neglected or ignore to the actual users. It seems very common, but very annoying mistake made by many buyers. Before buying furniture;  make sure that you know who will be using it, and how it will be used.

a)      Are there any small children?

b)      Are there any pets?

c)       Snacking while watching TV is a very common habit found among small children. Food stains are very common due to the chances of hot spills of coffee a  milk.


Many  times it is found that people buy furniture by looking at color, design & style. The simple meaning of it;  usability completely ignored and decor dominates.

But frankly speaking, it is a completely wrong way to buy the furniture.

a)      Look at your lifestyle and buy furniture accordingly.

b)      If you have kids and pets,  choose the sturdiest pieces of furniture that withstand against all odds.

c)       If you like hot parties and regular wine drinker,  do not pick bright or white fabric chair that won’t be good for hiding stains.

d)      Think about the functionality that the piece is going to serve before you think about the beauty.


Initially, when you are excited about your new furniture; maintenance of it on regular basis does not seem boring or tiresome.

But when the initial excitement fades, the regular maintenance and daily cleaning of your precious pieces of furniture becomes a most daunting task.So, while buying furniture make  sure that you are buying only those pieces of furniture that will need minimum maintenance so that you can clean and maintain on regular bases.So, base your furniture purchase  on the level of maintenance you are willing to devote to them.


Too much attention to fads, current fashion, crazes or trends is one common mistake found in most of the buyers. But, before making final decision understand that fads and trends come and go quickly. So instead of being a part of that mania,  always insist on something that looks good even after years or decades.


Furniture is a major expense, so to save the extra buck. With proper planning you can avoid paying too much. For that;  always look for sales, online promotions & various offers offered by various stores. It’ll not only save your hard money, but at the same time offers some additional advantages like freebies or free shipping etc. that directly saves you money.


Furniture buying involves a long term view.  So the quality of your furniture and the materials used to manufacture it should be given due thought. But, most of the time people ignore quality and pays more attention on external look, style and colors often to regret later on.


The wrong color combination is another major mistake made by many. So, to  avoid this mistake  always picture the setting of your  home. Choose the colors that create coordination with walls and other furniture at home.


Furniture buying is not a routine decision. So, chances are that we may make mistakes regarding color, material, styles, and design. For this reason;  it is always preferable to follow some professional help or advice.

And for that you do not need to hire a professional. Just spend few hours on net and surf various blogs and websites completely dedicated to furniture. There you will find plenty of useful advice, trustworthy tips, solid suggestions and most importantly  some really lucrative deals or offers. So  before making final decision make  sure you have explored all the possible avenues from where you can acquire authentic information.


By avoiding all above mentioned mistakes; you can make your furniture buying experience more pleasant,  that will  not only give you the true value of your hard earn money, but at the same time provides you with the maximum sense of satisfaction.


7 Tips How to buy furniture for your new home?

Moving to a new home?

If yes, the first question that will come into your mind is what kind of furniture should be bought for the new home? It has to not only enhance the beauty, visual appeal, the aesthetic value of your new home; But at the same time it should be best from the functional point of view and above and all it should be well within the budget.


Indeed, it is a very tricky situation and for that you need to know and understand the analysis of certain aspects of designing. For example – the place where you would like to put the furniture, interior design, your budget, the overall layout of the room or house.

To help you to choose the right furniture for your new home, we have mentioned here  some of the most useful tips that will not only help you to buy good furniture for your new home, but at the same time will remain useful over the years.  So, depending on your own preferences in addition to these tips: select the most suitable pieces of furniture for your home, so that it lasts for a very long time.

1.       Know the function:

The first thing you should know when buying the furniture for your new home; is that be as  clear  as possible about the function you need for your furniture.

  • Do you need furniture for filling various spaces?
  • Do you need furniture for decorating your home?
  • Do you need furniture for decorative as well as functional?

These are the few questions that help you to choose the right furniture for your new home.

2.       Study the layout of your house:

Before buying furniture for your new house; study the entire layout of your house.  The layout will differ from home to home. In some houses you may find awkwardly shaped rooms, and to arrange the furniture in that house you need to find out some exceptional or out of the box kind of the idea that not only will make your awkwardly shaped room elegant but at the same time will satisfy your requirements too.

3.       Select your style:

Style is one issue that differs from person to person. Select the style of furniture as per your own taste and preference.

Style – There are various styles like traditional, modern and contemporary. you will need to select the style most appropriate to you.

Color – select the color that truly reflects your own personality & nature. Many people prefer white Furniture, while some like combination of various colors and in many cases people just look at the functionality above color irrespective of layout or shape of room.

So, style selection of your furniture should be according to your taste and overall layout of your new house.

4.       It should be family friendly:

You moved into your new house and buying the furniture; do not forget while buying to keepthe rest the family, your frequent visiting friends and your pets in mind. You never know when some unexpected guest will arrive at your door at the odd hours for a few days stay. So, it is always preferable to keep these kind of the things in the mind Because If you don’t; chances are that at the last minute you may have to make some adjustments to your purchase.

5.       Create a list of essential furniture:

There are few pieces of furniture that you will definitely need for every room. So, before buying furniture for your new home; don’t forget to make the list of all the essential furniture you want to place on each room. Once you have that list, it will help you to choose the other non-essential furniture.

6.       Storage space:

If you are buying furniture for your new home that is not big and you own many things; find the furniture that provides you with maximum storage space, so, that you could keep everything organized and neat.

7.       Consider your lifestyle:

While choosing the furniture for your new home; do not forget to take into account your lifestyle. Lifestyle means,

  • How you will use your furniture: regularly or once in a while?
  • How much time you can allocate for cleaning and maintenance purpose? Regularly or once in a while?

Depending upon these& other similar questions like these you can choose the most appropriate pieces of furniture that can blend with your lifestyle.


Above mention tips along with your own preferences and priorities will help you find the most suitable furniture for your home; especially when you are buying it for your new home.

Rejuvenate Your Home With Classy, Super & Splendid Spring Sale

Hi everyone!

Spring is here. As you know, spring and “springtime” refer to the season, and also to ideas of renewal rebirth,regrowth, rejuvenation and resurrection.

Spring Sale

Spring Sale

For us spring means one thing, it’s time for our Spring Sale.

To keep our tradition intact to provide quality furniture, trusted brands, cost effective prices, and hassle free shopping experience to our customers or buyers, we make every possible effort.

Spring Sale is our one of the way to show our thankfulness to our buyers and customers.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce our latest Spring Sale, Just like previous year’s Spring Sale. This season also, you will get amazing discounts, various lucrative offers and many freebies while buying furniture.

Isn’t it a great time to give a complete new look or just refresh your current style?

If you are thinking long ago, do not delay, spring is the best time to rejuvenate your home.

Because, during  the Spring Sale we have many exciting new arrivals, huge discounts on various products and categories so you can save huge amount of money on your favorite piece of furniture.

The combined result of all these guaranteed an interesting and incredible furniture buying experience with a pleasant customer service that you will never forget at a great value.

So, don’t you think spring is the best time to get rid of the old and bring in the new?

And for that you don’t have to break the bank, with our Spring Sale you can buy most stylish, elegant, decorative, sturdy & colorful pieces of furniture with most reasonable cost and pleasant and happy shopping experience along with various delivery options.

White bedroom can give modern, warm & cozy look.


If it is not decorated properly it would look uninviting and boring.

Bedroom is a place for relaxation and sharing secret & personal moment with your near & dear one, and for creating that warm and cozy atmosphere in it, it is very much essential to add some element in it, that, not only add aesthetic appeal but at the same time invoke the feeling of space.

To make your White Bedroom more cozy and warm…it is very much essential that most of the pieces of furniture, that, bed, media chest, door chest, night stand, dresser & mirror etc. should be white, so, overall, impact of white color can become eye catching and attention grabber.

White Bedroom

White Bedroom

Not only that, you should follow below mentioned steps too.

  • First of all, avoid white glass or metal accessories, because, it looks harsh instead of cozy.
  • Second,  use wood furnishings and decorative pieces that will enhance warm look.
  • Third, use soft white fabric and arrange throws and more pillows with pattern on the bed that will create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Fourth, you can also use off-white color shade to add softness.
  • Fifth, usage of throws, carpet & white rug on wood floor also creates feeling of cozy atmosphere.
  • Sixth, Hang family and friends photograph in a wooden frame.
  • Seven,Always avoid over lighting because it creates a harsh environment in white bedroom.
  • Eight, instead of over lighting usage of few table lamps that spread soft lighting and creates glow are much more preferable.
  • Nine,Candels also can be used to create soft lighting.


By keeping the above mentioned points in mind you can turn your boring looking white bedroom in most relaxing, peaceful, cozy and warm looking bedroom, that, not only enhance the visual beauty of a bedroom but makes your love making session more enjoyable and meaningful.