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  1. Explore Hot Deals for Mother’s Day

Whether you’re looking for a memorable mother’s day gift or home essentials, we at The Classy Home have worked tirelessly to bring the best online furniture deals on all products from our site. Now just a click away to grab these deals before they’re gone.

  1. The best time to buy special discounted bedroom sets – Mother’s Day

On mother’s day, redesign your mom’s bedroom in a more stylish and comfortable way, to create a perfect place for her to lay down her head. Explore our entire collection of discounted bedroom sets which includes everything you need from beds and headboard to dressers and nightstand.

  1. Special Deals on this Special Day for a Special Mom

Good things come to your home when you start shopping from our affordable home furniture store. Looking for the budget-friendly gifts for mother’s day? Grab the best furniture deals for every corner of your house.

  1. Save extra with Mother’s Day Gift Card option

If shopping is not your cup of tea, then why not leave that part on your mom and get a GIFT CARD for her instead? Mom will know exactly what she wants and what is required at home. On this Mother’s day, give her a GIFT CARD in bouquet of flowers or handmade card with a beautiful message written on it.

  1. One Stop Shopping Solutions for a gift that mom really wants!

It’s a mother who makes the house feel like a home. Does your mom love to spend time in kitchen? Does she enjoy entertainment or outdoor space? Whatever your preference is; we have a great variety of Mother’s Day gift option for every mom.

Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day Gift


Find out why thousands of smart shoppers make
their first choice whenever they shop for home furniture!

Find the Perfect Way to Honor Dad on this Father’s Day

Dads are always best, whether he is your money-lender, driver, bedtime story reader or game partner. Make him feel like king of the day, because he is the person who helped with what you are today. Show your love and affection for dad with carefully chosen gifts at The Classy Home and Thank him for always been there for you since your dawn time.

“The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” – Tim Russert

Bring that ‘WOW’ factor in the special gift for dad from The Classy Home, that not only keep your dad with greatest and latest gift in June but also throughout many years to come. Remember, Father’s Day is not only celebrated for all Dads, but it is also for grandfathers, brothers, husbands, brother-in-laws or may be your son – who is going to be a new father this year! At Classy Home, we have excellent Fathers Day Gift Ideas to celebrate every relation of your life to make this a special day.

Gift Inspirations for Father’s Day:

DAD – The First Super Star of your life, deserves some heroic gifts from you on this Father’s Day. Whatever superpower may your dad have, from serving a buffet or taking care of outdoor space, give him a gift that he is sure to cherish all the time. Your Dad has always worked so hard to provide facilities for our family, by working overtime and also on weekends. On this special day, express your love and care with the marvelous gift of relaxation with recliners, gliders and accent chairs for your kind Father. Or, you could surprise him with many other unique items.

You Can’t Go Wrong with these Furniture Gifting Ideas

Set your vision on fun with Daddy when you give him the greatest gifts like master bedroom, living room and patio/outdoor furniture from The Classy Home. Be sure to prop his feet up on a royal ottoman while you play the jester. To play some indoor game with your lovely dad; game tables are also a great way to play board games. When he’s watching the movies; he surely would appreciate for it to double with the great comfort of a new sofa or loveseat. If your dad likes to read books and magazine, you can give him a sturdy magazine table and bookcase.

Dad: Daughter’s First Love and Son’s First Hero

This special day gives children an opportunity to display respect, love and child-father relationship. For the daughter, her dad is the ideal person in the world, while for the son, dad is an idol and strongest person they aspire to be. All children have different way to express their love; you can also go for shopping daddy’s bedroom furniture, office furniture or any sort of entertainment furniture to make him happy.

Did your father teach you to be thrifty? Then you might be looking for some great Father’s Day deals that don’t break the banks and still have money for dinner treat with family at the end of the day. If you’re here at, The Classy Home, you’ve come to the right place to show your dad that he has raised you right.

Design a Sleep-Friendly Master Bedroom of your Dreams

A modern lifestyle requires unique and elegant bedroom furniture, which include everything from beds, chests and other bedroom accessories. Are you thinking to revamp your master bedroom furniture? Lets try some easy and adorable ways that embellish your bedroom furniture the way you want it.

To create a space that is conductive to good and restful sleep, the design of your bedroom is incredibly important. The second most important thing is defining your style, so take a look at some of our chic and stylish bedroom sets that fit within your style and space. Decide on the piece of furniture you want to invest in from a wide range of master bedroom furniture from ‘The Classy Home’.

  • Venetian Black 5Pc Bedroom Set With King Panel Bed

The bedroom is always the last place after a hard, tiring day at work. So, it is most important to have a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom in order to have a tight sleep all night. The Venetian bedroom set includes king/queen size panel bed to create a statement bedroom, two nightstands that can be placed on both sides of the bed to add more utility and enhance the décor, while the dresser provides adequate storage space, and dressing up becomes easy with the mirror fixed on it.

venetian bedroom set

Venetian Black Bedroom Set With King Panel Bed


  • Juararo Dark Brown Wood King Poster Storage Bed

Ideally, the most luxurious part of your bedroom is the bed. A bed is always the focal point of any bedroom décor and you might be spending the highest time in selecting the perfect piece of furniture. Now a days, beds are available in different designs and styles that suit every individuals taste and needs. Poster Storage beds are one of them. Take a glance at the Juararo king poster storage bed, that is sure to tempt you every time you look at it. Get set to ride on a journey of your dreams with this cozy and comfortable king poster storage bed by Ashley furniture. Enveloped in coziness, the Juararo king bed is a great choice to create a glamorous master bedroom.

juararo king poster storage bed

Juararo Dark Brown Wood King Poster Storage Bed

  • Shay 5pc Bedroom set with Queen/Full Panel Headboard

After spending the whole day out, we often expect to have a relaxed and good night sleep in our elegant master bedroom. Create an extra-ordinary look in your bedroom with the simplicity of the Shay 5 piece bedroom set by Ashley Furniture. Give a balanced look by smartly placing the other bedroom furniture like dresser, mirror, media chest or nightstands by the sides or the opposite of the bed.

shay bedroom set

Shay 5 pc bedroom set with panel headboard

  • Doll House 4Pc Kids Bedroom Set with Twin Bed

A well-designed kids bedroom retreat requires a lot of space for books, magazines, games, soft toys, storybooks and decorative accents. The Dollhouse 4pc kids bedroom set is a great option when you want enough storage space and still occupy the least space in the kids bedroom. The The Dollhouse Twin/Full Bed, Nightstand, Dresser and Mirror, are not only glamorous, but also provide ample storage with inbuilt shelves and cubbies onto the bed. Get rid of bedroom clutter with these smart yet oh-so-adorable furniture solutions.

dollhouse bedroom set

Dollhouse 4pc kids bedroom set

Create a clean and clever space for the ultimate statement with sturdy and functional furniture. These great ideas for the bedroom updates is sure to change the complete look and feel of your bedroom. Love the top bedroom picks from ‘The Classy Home’ – don’t you? Enhance the personal space of your bedroom by designing it with relaxing and comfortable essentials.

Glamorize Your Space with Our Favorite Living Room Finds

Living room is the face of any home. Your living room decides how inviting, stylish and comfortable your home is, just as a book is judged with its cover page and title! Make your available space even more exuberant and efficient in a beautiful and creative ways with help of these tips and essentials your home must have. You have hit the right spot, “The Classy Home”, if you are looking for an inspirational ideas to add charisma to your space!

And as they say, the first impression is the last impression! So, display the perfect amalgamation of astonishing decor picks and classy furniture to become the talk of town within no time. Starting from sofa sectional and chaise to chairs and ottomans, it’s not easy to select right type of furniture to create spacious and comfortable living areas. Remember, the thumb rule while choosing furniture and furnishings, is to render a fabulous appeal to your living area that are must be high on functionality and class.

Sofa Sectionals are the soul of every living area, as it epitomize the character of the house! That means it demands the utmost attention while decorating your home. Wonder no more, we have come up some extraordinary collection that is sure to upgrade the style of your hallway in an outstanding way!

  1. Bestow a classy look to your home

Lend a fascinating twist to your living space with this majestic beauty. The Chamberly Alloy Sectional is upholstered in one of the finest fabrics with a solid wood frame construction, that can be organized in L-shape, U-shape or J-shape, will make your living room inviting and relaxing.

Chamberly Alloy Sectional

Chamberly Alloy Sectional

  1. An opulent stay in your living room

Good looks and good looks, seeing is believing! Make your living space stylish in every possible way and lets start with this Maier sectional sofa which spell effortless beauty! Just bring the right zing in hallway, that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Maier sectional sofa

Maier sectional sofa

  1. Bring extravagant lifestyle in your living room space

Look at this dazzling beauty and you would surely want to have it in your dwelling place. Whether you are decorating your wall with hanging decors or shelves, don’t let the vertical space go waste! Add more drama and classy design to your living room with a simple yet elegant look of the Hodan Marble Sofa Chaise.

Hodan Marble Sofa Chaise

Hodan Marble Sofa Chaise

  1. Imbue that dreamy look in your living room

Make your living space feel more expansive than actually it is with Chamberly Alloy Wood Sectional. There are three responses to a piece of design- Yes, No and “WOW”! Get that ‘Wow’ look in your living room that you aimed for with this Chamberly Alloy Right-Arm Faced Sectional.

Chamberly Alloy Right-Arm Faced Sectional

Chamberly Alloy Right-Arm Faced Sectional

After determining the perfect style and space according to your need, now it comes a fun part – Purchasing the new furniture for your elegant living room space, which starts from buying sectionals, sofa sleeper, loveseat, chaise, recliners, chairs & ottomans for comfortable seating space.

Try these products and your living space will just be the most inspiring one.

Go Shopping! Happy Decorating at The Classy Home!


Outdoor space of your home is a place where you can just sit and unwind all your problems and life seems better than the rest.

Whether you are spending your time under the sun having just a coffee or just relaxing in the evening reading a book, having a pool party or entertaining the dinner with friends and family at night.

Patios are an outdoor extension to your home, don’t spoil the appeal of your home by silly seasonal pieces. The quality and style of the indoors should reflect in your outdoor space too. Furnishing your outdoors takes some necessary decision.

With the right furniture to go you can relax and enjoy on your patio comfortably. You may just need a little boost to make your patios look updated.


  • The grass seems to be the best option when it comes to outdoor, grass makes us feel close to nature and provides a sure relaxation.
  • If you want to have around the corner floor, which lasts in all season, choose a concrete floor. This concrete floor you can also enjoy during the rains, You can personalize the floor by just adding a little pattern to it, which is totally unique and just yours.


It’s very important to decide for which season you are creating your outdoor space. If you don’t want to move your furniture or recreate the same space often you can choose materials that are heavy such as wood.

But if your goal is for a shorter period of time than you must choose material that is light in weight and can be used again in your indoor space.

Decide which kind of frame you would choose with the our help:



It’s lightweight and Rust resistant. Aluminium requires very less maintenance.

It Can be exposed to rain and moisture. It can be easily washed with a little soap and water.


TIP: These smooth, polished aluminum accent furniture is available in wide color ranges, when combined with accent pillows they will give a whole new outlook.

Use car wax or mineral oil to protect surface.


It’s stronger than aluminium. Steel is heavier though sturdy and durable. It’s a perfect choice for patios that get above the average user.

TIP: Apply protective finish to prevent rust.

Combine with accent cushions to provide the required comfort.

  • WOOD:

Natural looks of wood attract outdoor furnishing. It’s a natural alternative to plastic and metal. The plus of having wood is that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Teak and redwood are resistant to weather and insects

TIP Use brightener and oil to maintain original appearance.


These are suitable for both indoors and outdoor use they fulfill the purpose in porches, decks, patios or nearby the swimming pool, almost everywhere. These are available in several colors.

TIP: the basic white, black and brown color of sectional rattan weaved sets when combined with Accent cushions with different color combinations or with wild pints will enhance the outdoor essence more.

Wash with mild detergent and rinse.


Update the patio furniture with the following ideas:

Dinette sets and formal dinning table:


This small dinette set with seating of 4-5 people is ideal for small lounge. It can be kept in patio with small outdoor space or an apartment balcony. The Ratten dinette set comes in several fabrics such as polyester, synthetic. Some are even waterproof ready to take the pool side space. When combined with accent cushions these provide a classic look.

If you have frequent friends and family gathering, adding large table sets which can accommodate more people will be a good choice too. And one can also select extendable dining tables.


Daybeds and sofa set:

If you are someone with a bigger outdoor space, it would be great to add a day bed which will give you a luxurious look in your home itself. Sensitivity flows naturally in outdoor sectionals with large sofa combined with coffee tables


Conversation corner:

A small coffee table with comfortable chairs kept in front and back porch will give you a nice experience without making many changes. When having a party, several coffee tables or cubed kept separate for different couples and guests is a nice way of giving everyone room to spread


Outdoor chaise:

Outdoor chaise, It’s a piece of furniture which be used near the poolside, as it has adjustable angels. You don’t need to go anywhere and you can have the summer sun bath in your home. Lying over those comfortable beds for napping or tanning whatever you like.

Outdoor Bar Sets:

Outdoor Bar Sets are one of the essentials. Those elongating evening barbeque meets can be completed with your favorite drink. Having such acquaintance will make you the best host. Add some cheese and wine and you’re living your dream.



  • Add small plants to add some color and texture to your outdoor space, moreover, it gives a sense of refreshment.
  • Put outdoor rugs, these give a cozy look to your outdoor space, but keep in mind buy those rugs which are easy to clean. You don’t want to increase the labor.
  • Outdoor lights. You might spend more time in the patio when its night, Adding light not only creates a soothing atmosphere, but they are also important for safety purpose. There are a variety of lights to choose from, the torch lights give a natural glow. Adding some string lights will give a festive atmosphere.
  • Sitting outside can be pretty tough in a sunny or rainy ay. If you don’t shed above, you can use large umbrellas for fulfilling the temporary purpose or even folding shade covers.
  • Use stackable and folding steel chairs to accommodate more people. These are easy to move and save a lot of storage space too.


So, don’t hesitate, make some good and fun use of your outdoor space.

Back-To-School Special: Stay prepared when your kid is back from school with THE CLASSY HOME!

The summer is about to end and its time to go back to school. The first day of school is one of the most exciting days of the year, doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, a teenager a parent or a grandparent. Are you ready for the day totally? From uniform, clothes, food to stationary you got all the things ready which your child will need so that your while they are in school or college. But what about the things that they require outside their classroom??

Back To School

Back To School

What about when he/she returns from school tired??

Whether it’s a first day to for kindergarten or of college, your child will return home tired. A proper bed is a must which will rejuvenate their body and they wouldn’t feel exhausted the next day. In the absence of a good sleep your child will feel lazy and sleepy the whole day and wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

The unique designs, durable and sturdy frames combined with the comfortable mattress will help your kid to have a good night’s sleep. The widely popular ranges of kids beds, bunk beds, loft beds will give you plenty of options to choose from.

What about when they want to do their homework??

It’s very important that your child finds a comfortable and proper place to study and do their homework. The work area of a student has a great impact on their academic. You must create a proper space with lots of comfort, light and less distractions, for them to concentrate and keep their energy focused while they are studying.

We have several designs so that your child doesn’t get bored and worn-out while studying. Our comfortable and spacious study desk, chair will make sure that they, don’t get tired and feel ache while doing a long hour study.

As the school starts kids do group study, make these meets entertaining and pleasurable with our fun bean bags and chairs and kids ottomans. We assure you because of such atmosphere they will feel like having group studies more often.

What about their new college dorms?

Your kids will want to head back to college in style, they will focus on something that will pop up their personality and you would want to focus on the functionality. The Classy Home furniture has several must have dorm room furniture.

They will need an optimized space to study, choose from our fashionable and functional office furniture ample storage space. Also a Corner Bookcase will save the space and also keep their books organized. The small Bar table set are best suited for small dorm rooms it will provide an extra space to study, eat, keep the laptop and a lot more without occupying much of their room. Make the dorm room or apartment colorful with a few accent pillows and bean bags.

A proper sleep is required to maintain the energy and thought process and perfect mattress is required for a proper sleep, that is correct in size and comfortable too, consider of giving or getting a mattress for the new place.

If this college season, you are becoming an empty nester than make some real changes in your home with an array of furniture options available at The Classy Home.

Sending your child to school or going to college is a test both emotionally and financially. The shopping list is so long that you feel like breaking the bank. Don’t worry The Classy Home understands your dilemma, be the part of super saving Back To School Sale and fulfill all your furniture needs at affordable prices.

Be benefited with the Back To School Special Collection and make the necessary chances in your home, apartment or dorm and be ready for the coming ventures ahead. Go shopping and do your homework!!

Choosing the right secretary desk to create perfect space-saving area

The concept of a separate home office has changed over the past few years, and now people are more attracted for options that allow them to design a multi-purpose space which perfectly fits into their work requirement and also a place to store important files or bills.

With a drop front secretary desk designed for multi-tasking, it’s easy to create a functional space in your living room or home office space. The Neli space saver secretary desk, from The Classy Home, is an inspiring solution for every space because its fold away desk top occupies 25% less space compared to other standard desks.

The current downsizing trend calls for space saving furniture, and the best way to create more space is by utilizing the desk space efficiently. So solve any space issues in your home by bringing Zebra product’s Neli Secretary desk that features dedicated secure storage for keyboard, comfortable work area by simply unlatching the fold down desk top and also give full free leg movement space.

Here are some question that you should ask yourself before selecting Neli space saver secretary desk:

Neli space saver secretary desk

Neli space saver secretary desk


Why choose a Space Saver Desk?

Those who work from home often end up working on a couch or dining space because of a lack of space, and space is an important factor to consider these days. Choosing a secretary desk would be a clever choice if you want to benifit from all-in-one design of the Neli Space Saver Desk. When you want to work on a laptop or need writing space, it’s easy to drop down the flip top which is sturdy and spacious to work effectively. While not working, you can close the foldaway top to save space and hide the revealing storage drawers & letter shelves that conveniently store small items like documents or other important files.

How to stay more organized with Secretary Desk?

Want to create an instant office space in your living room? Have a look at this foldout desk, which is perfect for any place when you don’t have a room for it. The secretary desk with file cabinets, drawers and slots can easily hold your office supplies and folders. In addition the sturdy composition of this unique desk with its space saving feature, opens into a desk which enables organized work.

Consider your space and existing furniture

If saving space while getting organized is your number one priority, then consider selecting a desk that has hidden storage options. Small space frequently demands flexibility, while bulky furniture often clutter-up the existing space by discomforting the look of a room. Increase your comfort level by opting for a desk that allows you to includes hideaway storage, drawers, space to put your laptop as well as a comfortable chair to sit and work. A “Neli Brown Space Saver Secretary Desk” is the perfect piece of furniture for the living room or home office, it’s focused to provide you utmost comfort while working.

How much time do you spend in your office?

Before making a decision to buy the right type of desk, it’s important to know how much actual time is spend to work daily. Regardless of the tight living space, a nice secretary desk can still be attainable, because space saving furniture is a necessary for practical appeal in a design-friendly living room. And at, be sure to find the unique, practical, beautiful and affordable furniture at the click of button.


Your living room is one of the most used places in your entire house. Because of that you need living room sets or living room furniture sets that offer cool comfort. In addition, it should be a style that enhances the overall beauty and esthetic appeal of your living room as well as your family.

Although the furniture market is fully loaded with various living room sets, living room furniture sets, cheap living room set, and leather living room sets each one offers unique characteristics and distinguished features. Many times you may get what you want from various sales, conducted by many furniture companies under the banner of living room sets for sale.




From the above mentioned matters, it becomes quite clear that our living room is the most proud possession of our home. Now comes the question: How should you design it elegantly, so it can become your most marvelous room?


Eye-catching display is one of the tricks that simply convert your dull looking, boring living room in most elegant, stylish living room. If you know how to display all your accessories, furniture, art craft, and wall paper in proper manner, it would simply enhance the overall attractiveness of your living room.


It is a proven fact that the color combination of your home also enhances the visual beauty of your home. Same thing goes with your living room too.

While creating it as more elegant and stylish; effective use of color of your wall with the color of your furniture creates unique harmony with each other. It simply grabs the attention of your visitors &improvises your satisfaction level too.


The furniture market offers you choices of various materials from which you can select the most suitable material for your living room.

Wood, Metal & Glass are three primary materials used for making various furniture. Out of all these, wood based furniture is far more popular, since it offers some unique advantages like durability, economical price range, and decent designs.

So, to make your living room more stylish and elegant, use wood based living room furniture. The warmth of wood gives stunning look and style to your living room. It simply enhances your pleasant moments.


To give a stunning, stylish and elegant look to your living room, do not hesitate to use various ideas. See the things from a different point of view. Mix and match various furniture arrangement patterns, utilize your space in the most effective and efficient manner, and find the perfect combination between fashion and function. These are the little tricks and techniques that provide a powerful presentation of your living room to all visitors of your living room.


Many times your personal touches make more of a difference than the professional help or guidance regarding making your living room more stylish and elegant. Since it is your living room, you are quite familiar with each and every corner of it, and you are familiar with the personal preferences of each family member. Therefore, use your personal touch as much as possible.


The above mentioned important points are very useful. They help you make your living room more vibrant and lively. However, there are also some very small, but significant suggestions that make a major difference too.

FIRST) If you have small children or pets, always choose durable couches.

SECOND)If your living room is small, than an interesting rug may make all the difference.

THIRD) Make your fireplace as the focal point of your living room.



The living room is one of the most favorite rooms of the house. Throughout the day it is used for various purposes. It is your living room where you can have a quality time with your family while watching TV, or you can chat with your guests. Therefore, making it more elegant simply becomes very much essential. With the help of the above mentioned tips, make it more meaningful.


Throughout the world various studies were conducted to examine the effect of sleep on a human life. Due to that, many amazing & shocking facts were discovered; some of them are worth mentioning.

  • Quality sleep can help protect your mental, as well as physical health, not simply that it improves tone of liveliness.
  • Quality sleep helps your brain function properly.
  • Quality sleep helps enhance your problem-solving skills, learning, improves your concentration level, helps you to make decisions and moreover it makes you more creative.
  • Lack of quality sleep causes mood swings, depression, tension, anger etc…
  • From above mentioned facts it seems quite clear that in order to lead a healthy life, physically and mentally, quality sleep is very much essential.

For bringing quality, uninterrupted and comfortable sleep an appropriate mattress is a basic necessity. As a part of our mission to ‘educate’ our customers & keep them up-to-date with the latest scientific research and findings, we frequently publish authentic information regarding various subjects. Here, we have identified core areas of buying quality mattresses.

Reliable Information, Trustworthy Tips & Solid Suggestions for buying a mattress:



While purchasing a mattress, comfort should be the prime criteria; any mattress that helps you sleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed, without any pain or stiffness, is the most suitable mattress for you.

The lack of comfort in a mattress, not only causes physical fatigue or tiredness, it can also result in mental stress if not addressed properly.


After comfort, SIZE is another important factor which needs proper attention. While choosing the size the points mentioned below need to be taken into consideration.

  • Determine how many people will sleep on the mattress.
  • Measure the size of your bedroom accurately.
  • The mattress must be at least 6 to 9 inches longer than your overall height.
  • The mattress must have enough width so you can put your elbows on the back of your head.
  • As per the Consumer Report’s latest buying guide, the price-tag should not become the sole measures for buying quality mattresses; a lower price-ticket does not imply inferior quality & a higher price-ticket does not mean superior quality. Keep it in a mind while choosing a mattress.
  • Another significant finding: “Don’t get seduced or sucked into terms like; ‘ultra-plush,’ ‘super-plush ‘, and   ‘cushion-firm ‘. They aren’t standard terms and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, said Consumer Reports Expert Shopper Tod Marks. “The only way to determine if the cushiness and firmness is right for you is to lie down on the bed and try it for yourself.”
  • Innerspring and memory foam are the two major types of mattresses available in the market. Acquire enough knowledge, search and surf through the net, understand the basic difference between them and if possible ask your doctor before making the final decision.
  • Confer with your family members and friends for suggestions and judge their opinions along with your own research.
  • Once you have found the dream mattress, before signing the contract read between the lines; the policy regarding comfort guarantee, return and warranty differ from store to store.

Here at The Classy Home, we make every possible effort to assist our clients in the best possible way; by providing them authentic information, useful ideas, solid suggestions and trustworthy tips,through constantly updating our web site. When ever you shop with us, apart from quality products, pleasant customer services & best prices, we provide useful advice free of cost; all these factors make your shopping a memorable experience, which you would like to repeat again and again.

Enjoy Summer With Special Sale by The Classy Home

Hi, the season of summer time has arrived!

Nature is replete with various seasons and each season holds its own beauty. And that is also the beauty of nature, because each season gives us the familiarity with various weather.

Can we imagine the world with just one season?

No, no, absolutely not.

Simply suppose the scenario; we are dwelling in the world where only one season dominates the climate, only one season that nurtures the human spirit?

What a terrific situation to imagine!

Yes, of course it is.

Thus, each new season gives us the new promise, new joy and new grounds to celebrate the time of year.We at The Classy Home welcome each season with our own style & our own custom.

Let us welcome summer & celebrate it!

To keep our tradition intact, we are more than happy to announce our annual summer sale.

THE CLASSY SUMMER SPECIAL SALE, your surest way to beat the fabulous offers of furniture from your most trusted furniture online store.

Summer Sale

Summer Sale

During this summer we have come up with bags full of fabulous offer that caters need of each subdivision of society connected to purchasing furniture.

Hence, as a buyer or shopper you can pick up the most desirable pieces of furniture from our full scope of merchandise that is furnished by the finest manufacturers of the macrocosm.

Isn’t it a more suitable time to give a complete makeover to your home?

Isn’t it a more convenient time to give a new style, new look, to your old home with our range of furniture?

Isn’t it a time to avail maximum discount and save huge sum of money?

Yes, it is one of the most favorable times to buy the best furniture for your home, for your office or for your home office.

The classy home is your one point solution for all your furniture related requirements where you can discover the fabulous & fantastic furniture for your LIVING ROOMS, BEDROOMS, KITCHEN, DINING & BARS, OCCASIONAL TABLES, ENTERTAINMENT FURNITURE, HOME OFFICE FURNITURE, DECOR, BABY & KIDS, PATIO & OUTDOOR.