Buying Or Shopping Furniture? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes people Make When Buying Furniture.

Buying furniture is not a routine task that we do on a daily basis, we do understand!

For this reason people tend to make mistakes.

Some of them are quite silly; but very significant which which will not only waste your hard earned money, but at the same time will occupy precious space of your home.

Buying Or Shopping Furniture? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes people Make When Buying Furniture

Buying Or Shopping Furniture? Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes people Make When Buying Furniture

To avoid these common mistakes; we have mentioned 10 of the  most common mistakes made by people when buying furniture. By avoiding these mistakes;  you will choose the most suitable pieces of furniture that will not only provide you a maximum sense of satisfaction, but at the same time true value of your hard earned money.


Accurate measurement of the furniture and of the available space;is the most crucial points to be kept in mind while buying furniture.

But despite of it being such a simple and solid suggestion, it is commonly ignored by most people. In fact, It is rated as a mistake #1 committed by many.

Isn’t it frustrating that your new piece of furniture that you bought with much joy never make it into a home,  because either it is too big or broad to enter through the hallways, doors, stairs or elevators. Or it is simply unfit for the place where you want to place it.

So for avoiding this most common mistake make it sure….

a)      You have measured your room correctly.

b)      You have taken into account all the hallways, doors, stairs and elevators.

c)       While buying online you have checked the specs in detail.

d)      If you move a lot, always insist to buy the furniture that will fit into a standard 36-inch door opening.


Impulsive buying is the second biggest mistake people make when buying furniture. There are many reasons for impulsive buying: irresistible price, special offers; freebies along with the piece of furniture and excitement  to make the room more elegant. These are only a few reasons that compel the people to buy furniture without too much consideration.


a)      Do not forget that buying expensive furniture needs proper planning.

b)      Not only that;  the pieces of furniture you buy will remain with you for a longer period of time, so choose wisely.

c)       Before buying makes it sure you have done enough research.

d)      You have done enough homework about size, price, design & color of the furniture.


Another disadvantage of buying furniture impulsively is you are completely neglected or ignore to the actual users. It seems very common, but very annoying mistake made by many buyers. Before buying furniture;  make sure that you know who will be using it, and how it will be used.

a)      Are there any small children?

b)      Are there any pets?

c)       Snacking while watching TV is a very common habit found among small children. Food stains are very common due to the chances of hot spills of coffee a  milk.


Many  times it is found that people buy furniture by looking at color, design & style. The simple meaning of it;  usability completely ignored and decor dominates.

But frankly speaking, it is a completely wrong way to buy the furniture.

a)      Look at your lifestyle and buy furniture accordingly.

b)      If you have kids and pets,  choose the sturdiest pieces of furniture that withstand against all odds.

c)       If you like hot parties and regular wine drinker,  do not pick bright or white fabric chair that won’t be good for hiding stains.

d)      Think about the functionality that the piece is going to serve before you think about the beauty.


Initially, when you are excited about your new furniture; maintenance of it on regular basis does not seem boring or tiresome.

But when the initial excitement fades, the regular maintenance and daily cleaning of your precious pieces of furniture becomes a most daunting task.So, while buying furniture make  sure that you are buying only those pieces of furniture that will need minimum maintenance so that you can clean and maintain on regular bases.So, base your furniture purchase  on the level of maintenance you are willing to devote to them.


Too much attention to fads, current fashion, crazes or trends is one common mistake found in most of the buyers. But, before making final decision understand that fads and trends come and go quickly. So instead of being a part of that mania,  always insist on something that looks good even after years or decades.


Furniture is a major expense, so to save the extra buck. With proper planning you can avoid paying too much. For that;  always look for sales, online promotions & various offers offered by various stores. It’ll not only save your hard money, but at the same time offers some additional advantages like freebies or free shipping etc. that directly saves you money.


Furniture buying involves a long term view.  So the quality of your furniture and the materials used to manufacture it should be given due thought. But, most of the time people ignore quality and pays more attention on external look, style and colors often to regret later on.


The wrong color combination is another major mistake made by many. So, to  avoid this mistake  always picture the setting of your  home. Choose the colors that create coordination with walls and other furniture at home.


Furniture buying is not a routine decision. So, chances are that we may make mistakes regarding color, material, styles, and design. For this reason;  it is always preferable to follow some professional help or advice.

And for that you do not need to hire a professional. Just spend few hours on net and surf various blogs and websites completely dedicated to furniture. There you will find plenty of useful advice, trustworthy tips, solid suggestions and most importantly  some really lucrative deals or offers. So  before making final decision make  sure you have explored all the possible avenues from where you can acquire authentic information.


By avoiding all above mentioned mistakes; you can make your furniture buying experience more pleasant,  that will  not only give you the true value of your hard earn money, but at the same time provides you with the maximum sense of satisfaction.


7 Tips How to buy furniture for your new home?

Moving to a new home?

If yes, the first question that will come into your mind is what kind of furniture should be bought for the new home? It has to not only enhance the beauty, visual appeal, the aesthetic value of your new home; But at the same time it should be best from the functional point of view and above and all it should be well within the budget.


Indeed, it is a very tricky situation and for that you need to know and understand the analysis of certain aspects of designing. For example – the place where you would like to put the furniture, interior design, your budget, the overall layout of the room or house.

To help you to choose the right furniture for your new home, we have mentioned here  some of the most useful tips that will not only help you to buy good furniture for your new home, but at the same time will remain useful over the years.  So, depending on your own preferences in addition to these tips: select the most suitable pieces of furniture for your home, so that it lasts for a very long time.

1.       Know the function:

The first thing you should know when buying the furniture for your new home; is that be as  clear  as possible about the function you need for your furniture.

  • Do you need furniture for filling various spaces?
  • Do you need furniture for decorating your home?
  • Do you need furniture for decorative as well as functional?

These are the few questions that help you to choose the right furniture for your new home.

2.       Study the layout of your house:

Before buying furniture for your new house; study the entire layout of your house.  The layout will differ from home to home. In some houses you may find awkwardly shaped rooms, and to arrange the furniture in that house you need to find out some exceptional or out of the box kind of the idea that not only will make your awkwardly shaped room elegant but at the same time will satisfy your requirements too.

3.       Select your style:

Style is one issue that differs from person to person. Select the style of furniture as per your own taste and preference.

Style – There are various styles like traditional, modern and contemporary. you will need to select the style most appropriate to you.

Color – select the color that truly reflects your own personality & nature. Many people prefer white Furniture, while some like combination of various colors and in many cases people just look at the functionality above color irrespective of layout or shape of room.

So, style selection of your furniture should be according to your taste and overall layout of your new house.

4.       It should be family friendly:

You moved into your new house and buying the furniture; do not forget while buying to keepthe rest the family, your frequent visiting friends and your pets in mind. You never know when some unexpected guest will arrive at your door at the odd hours for a few days stay. So, it is always preferable to keep these kind of the things in the mind Because If you don’t; chances are that at the last minute you may have to make some adjustments to your purchase.

5.       Create a list of essential furniture:

There are few pieces of furniture that you will definitely need for every room. So, before buying furniture for your new home; don’t forget to make the list of all the essential furniture you want to place on each room. Once you have that list, it will help you to choose the other non-essential furniture.

6.       Storage space:

If you are buying furniture for your new home that is not big and you own many things; find the furniture that provides you with maximum storage space, so, that you could keep everything organized and neat.

7.       Consider your lifestyle:

While choosing the furniture for your new home; do not forget to take into account your lifestyle. Lifestyle means,

  • How you will use your furniture: regularly or once in a while?
  • How much time you can allocate for cleaning and maintenance purpose? Regularly or once in a while?

Depending upon these& other similar questions like these you can choose the most appropriate pieces of furniture that can blend with your lifestyle.


Above mention tips along with your own preferences and priorities will help you find the most suitable furniture for your home; especially when you are buying it for your new home.

Rejuvenate Your Home With Classy, Super & Splendid Spring Sale

Hi everyone!

Spring is here. As you know, spring and “springtime” refer to the season, and also to ideas of renewal rebirth,regrowth, rejuvenation and resurrection.

Spring Sale

Spring Sale

For us spring means one thing, it’s time for our Spring Sale.

To keep our tradition intact to provide quality furniture, trusted brands, cost effective prices, and hassle free shopping experience to our customers or buyers, we make every possible effort.

Spring Sale is our one of the way to show our thankfulness to our buyers and customers.

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If you are thinking long ago, do not delay, spring is the best time to rejuvenate your home.

Because, during  the Spring Sale we have many exciting new arrivals, huge discounts on various products and categories so you can save huge amount of money on your favorite piece of furniture.

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So, don’t you think spring is the best time to get rid of the old and bring in the new?

And for that you don’t have to break the bank, with our Spring Sale you can buy most stylish, elegant, decorative, sturdy & colorful pieces of furniture with most reasonable cost and pleasant and happy shopping experience along with various delivery options.

White bedroom can give modern, warm & cozy look.


If it is not decorated properly it would look uninviting and boring.

Bedroom is a place for relaxation and sharing secret & personal moment with your near & dear one, and for creating that warm and cozy atmosphere in it, it is very much essential to add some element in it, that, not only add aesthetic appeal but at the same time invoke the feeling of space.

To make your White Bedroom more cozy and warm…it is very much essential that most of the pieces of furniture, that, bed, media chest, door chest, night stand, dresser & mirror etc. should be white, so, overall, impact of white color can become eye catching and attention grabber.

White Bedroom

White Bedroom

Not only that, you should follow below mentioned steps too.

  • First of all, avoid white glass or metal accessories, because, it looks harsh instead of cozy.
  • Second,  use wood furnishings and decorative pieces that will enhance warm look.
  • Third, use soft white fabric and arrange throws and more pillows with pattern on the bed that will create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Fourth, you can also use off-white color shade to add softness.
  • Fifth, usage of throws, carpet & white rug on wood floor also creates feeling of cozy atmosphere.
  • Sixth, Hang family and friends photograph in a wooden frame.
  • Seven,Always avoid over lighting because it creates a harsh environment in white bedroom.
  • Eight, instead of over lighting usage of few table lamps that spread soft lighting and creates glow are much more preferable.
  • Nine,Candels also can be used to create soft lighting.


By keeping the above mentioned points in mind you can turn your boring looking white bedroom in most relaxing, peaceful, cozy and warm looking bedroom, that, not only enhance the visual beauty of a bedroom but makes your love making session more enjoyable and meaningful.


Home, Vehicles and Furniture are three major expenses we need in order to live our life in the proper manner. Most of us, more than once came across the situation where we need to buy it. Being huge investment items,it needs proper planning & careful study before buying.

For buying quality,durable and cost-effective furniture we have mention some  trustworthy and essential tips for buying furniture. This will also help you buy them at the best rates.

1. Study Your Lifestyle:

Before buying furniture study your life style properly. While studying the life style; consider how many kids you have? Do you have any pets? How much time you can allocate for cleaning and maintenance purpose?

Study Your Lifestyle

Study Your Lifestyle

These are the few factors that to begin with you’ll need to consider, because, each factor largely affects the choice of furniture.

2. Functionality:

The dictionary defines functionality as:  the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well and practically.

Your furniture needs to have practical functionality to suit your home, because, no matter how stylish it looks and no matter how much it seems to match, if it does not  serve the purpose, it has no meaning. Because at the end of the day, function in comparison to style or look is what really counts.


3. Budget Oriented:

After style, budget is another one of most important criterion to keep in mind while shopping. Being budget oriented means; be within your spending limit.


Budget Oriented

Budget Oriented

The furniture market is filled with a wide range of products. Each furniture item is available in a range of economical to expensive categories, so; being budget oriented means that you will buy only the item which is most useful and at the same time within your price range.

4. Be Master Of Measurement:

Although it may seem very simple,it is a very important tip because; many times people buy furniture in a hurry only to find that it can’t get into their house.



In order to avoid a fiasco, it is very crucial to measure your rooms methodically like a mathematician. Before placing an order make sure that you have checked and re-checked all the measurement of doorway, stairs, hallways and ceilings from where your furniture will pass through or you want to put it.

5. Natural Architecture Of house:

Your furniture must be in aligned and in sync with the architecture of your house. Suppose, natural architecture of your house is royal or a palace, classic furniture will add value to the overall show off your house.

Natural Architecture

Natural Architecture

But, if it is modern or contemporary architecture;  you need to choose modern or contemporary pieces of furniture for your house. By choosing the proper furniture you make your house more visually appealing.

6. Quality Is Queen:

Furniture is not a ‘use & throw’ kind of item. Most of the people buy it for a longer period of time. So, it is always preferable, you should rather go for quality than quantity. If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to buy all the furniture at a time, noproblem: go for one piece at a time. But that piece must be qualitative, sothat the durability of that piece remainslonger lasting and you get maximum value for your money.

Quality Is Queen

Quality Is Queen

7. Take your time:

Buying furniture is not an overnight or impulsive decision. When youbuy it; cost, color, measurement, architecture of your house and your lifestyle are some of the factors you must keep in mind.

Take your time

Take your time

Because each factor is very critical, small & a simple error in these areas can create confusion and chaos. In order to avoid any mishap in this area, it is always preferable to give it enough time for decision. Before placing an order make sure that you have taken all these points under consideration.

8. Maintenance Of furniture:

Being an expensive item, furniture needs proper and regular maintenance. So while buying, choose the furniture which suits your lifestyle. If you have enough time for regular maintenance and cleaning, then go for luxurious and most stylish pieces of furniture. But, if you are living the very hectic lifestyle, then choose the furniture which needs minimum maintenance & cleaning time and cost effective.

9. Make A Joint Decision:

Make A Joint Decision

Make A Joint Decision

If you are a bachelor, it’s okay. But, if you are living as a   family or have kids;the buying decision should be a joint decision because, furniture will be used by all the peoplein the family. Taste and distaste of all should be kept in mind while buying it, so that itgivesa maximum sense of satisfaction to all. Not only that, but joint decision helps to maintain it properly.

10. Search& Research:

Before buying furniture do the proper search & research.

Search – try to find out the most suitable furniture items which not only satisfy your requirements, but give you maximum satisfactionand ease of functionality.

Research- once you determine the brand or store from where you want to buy;do enough research about its reputation, return policy, customer feedback, and after sales service & customer care.

11. Take It For A Trial Period:

Comfort is most crucial criteria for any furniture.  Unfortunately, you cannot measure the comfort level without experiencing it.For experiencing it, you need to use it. So, it is always preferable to have a ‘Trial Period’,duringwhich you will get a fair enough idea of the product and its comfort level. Best part is that if you don’t feel it comfortable you can return it.

12. Wait For Right Moment:

Once you determine the types of furniture you would like to shop, wait for the right moment. There are several days in the year when most of the stores will offer generous discounts. Christmas, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Independence Dayand Valentine day are just some of the days when most of the stores offer some additional discount. Wait for the right moment and whenever you findany additional discount; do not delay.

13. Furniture in Your House:

If you are buying furniture for the first time, ‘OR’ for your new home; that’s great. But, if you already have some furniture then you’ll need to determine what you are going to do for your old furniture first?

There are two possible options. First, you should replace it. Second, if you don’t want to replace it, think how you can fit it with your new furniture. Think it over  before making final decision.

14. Choose Neutral Color:

If possible, choosea neutral color palette; because it is easy to change.Due to this, it will give you more options to easily match them up with your décor of the entire home.

15. Choose Online Shopping:

Buy your furniture from online furniture stores. Because: online shopping can save your time and cash.They will usually have better deals than physical stores.

Other Important Tips:

  • When buying wooden furniture:the interior and exterior  are most important. So, make it sure you are not only buying good looking piece of furniture, but at the same time it is sturdy and solid too.
  • While purchasing couch; make it sure it has solid frame.
  • While buying furniture try to avoid that the furniture be glued or nailed in. Instead, prefer wood joinery.
  • Before placing an order; be clear about warranties, shipping, return policy and transit damage insurance.
  • Always insist to buy from reliable and trustworthy online stores and make it sure they are in a business for a considerable time.
  • Many a times newsletter or Junk mail from some of the online furniture  stores can be helpful because: they advertise their offers in it, so, do not ignore it.

Decorate Your House In Discounts

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DIY vs. Retail

The DIY trend has taken the nation by storm over the last few years. Whether this is a result of the challenging economy or an attempt to harness creative power, homeowners everywhere have taken to sites like YouTube, Pinterest, and Flickr for inspiration and tutorials. More and more Americans are building their own coffee tables, bookshelves, and entertainment centers. Does DIY really beat retail? Which should you choose? There are pros and cons for each, but the bottom line comes down to reliability and durability. 

Almost all of us know better than to attempt building ourselves a brand new sofa set. But what about the less complicated pieces in your home? Should you splurge for a new wood coffee table or dinette set, or can you build your own? 

The first question we suggest asking is how much building experience you have. Anyone who has ever been reduced to tears by assembly instructions should steer clear of intense and complicated DIY projects. Pinterest has the uncanny ability to make these tasks appear far simpler than they prove to be. The second question we would ask is how much use (wear and tear) are you expecting the piece to get. For pieces that will be used infrequently, DIY construction will work. Pieces like bookshelves, entertainment centers, and tables however need to built to withstand constant use. Trusting this assembly to reputable brands is best. Finally, do you really have the time? Most of us do not. 

Make your decision and then visit us!

Channel The Right Energy In Your Living Room

Your living room is like the portal to your home, while your sofa set is often the place where people meet, greet, and embark on lasting relationships. Therefore, it’s only logical for the sofa to be the centerpiece of your room. What should you do with the rest of the room? 

The Chinese principles of feng shui can guide you in your endeavors to harness the most inviting energy possible in your living room. Before you start integrating your other pieces of unique furniture into the room, follow these guidelines:

  1. Position your sofa in the corner furthest from the door and the window. 
  2. Make sure the sofa is placed in clear view of the door.
  3. Avoid having too much space between the wall and the sofa. The rationale behind this is that the wall is essential for providing security and protection. 
  4. Avoid placing the sofa set in front of a window or directly opposite the door. Energy flows between the door and the window and you do not want to place yourself or guests in its path. 
  5. Avoid having lights or beams directly above the sofa. 
  6. Use screens and partitions to help influence the flow of energy throughout the living room. This allows the flow of energy to be directed to another part of the room. 
The rest is up to you. Have fun with it and enjoy the benefits of a properly energized living space. 

Where To Share Your Love of Decorating

Are you obsessed with interior design? Are you one of those people who believes browsing an Ashley sofa set showroom sounds like a perfect afternoon? You are not alone! The world of interior design is vast and open to design lovers from all walks of life. If unique furniture is more exciting to you than imported chocolate, check out our list of organizations you should be aware of. Find your fellow design enthusiasts and share what you love with others. 

  1. Interior Design Magazine (and Website): Interior Design magazine is a gold mine for decorating mavens. With regular updates on the market, lists and explanations of events, and a daily design to inspire you, this magazine (and its corresponding website) is a must have.
  2. Design Guide: Design Guide’s comprehensive website will quickly become your go-to source of inspiration, ideas, and event planning. What makes Design Guide unique is its focus on consignment products. Visit the site to see what’s new, find out where to meet people, and learn about elements you may not be aware of. 
  3. While not specifically design related, has become the place to go to find like-minded people. Select your interests, and the site will show you dozens of groups specifically tailored to the things you love. This is an awesome way to meet new people, find shopping buddies, and bounce new ideas off another person. 
This short list should get you started on your journey. Once inspiration hits, visit us to get the latest pieces you crave. 

Trusted Brands At Enviable Prices

Everyone is looking for a discount these days. Bargain hunting has practically become a national pastime, especially online. Times are tough for many and identifying savings can make a real difference. At The Classy Home we understand that even bottom-line shoppers are not willing to sacrifice quality to save a couple dollars. We believe that no one should have to choose between buying the Ashley sofa set they trust and saving a hundred dollars on shoddy furniture. This is why we offer our customers incredible savings on the brands you trust. 

Whether you are in the market for a new sofa set or simply need some wall decorations to complete your home decor, The Classy Home carries top brands at unbeatable prices. We have partnered with the best suppliers in the industry to bring you the quality furniture you expect. Our inventory includes pieces from Basset Mirror Company, Midway Furniture, Barcalounger and Acme. 

We work directly with these companies to provide the latest in their collections at a significantly discounted price. These long standing partnerships are what allow us to bring you the savings you crave without asking you to sacrifice quality or taste. Visit us today to find the latest from your favorite brands.