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Discount Mattresses

New York is always on the move, but renting or buying a new home, apartment or condo in one of the five Boroughs is considered a major event. Don't let moving keep you up at night. Buy mattresses for your new abode from the leader, The Classy Home. You'll get both the comfort and the discount you need to enjoy a good night's sleep.

We've chosen an inventory of mattresses to appeal to a variety of budgets, sleep styles and aesthetic tastes. You'll find king, queen, full and twin-sized discount mattresses by the dozen, and futon styles, as well. Materials range from high-tech viscoelastic foam to high-end innerspring coil, and everything in between. Find mattresses for children's bedrooms, guest rooms, master bedrooms and more.

Start Fresh with Discount Mattresses in

Moving is a stressful time. You can cut your worries by chucking those old mattresses and purchasing new ones, to be delivered right to your new home. Why pay a mover to haul an old mattress that has worn out its welcome? When you use a mattress night after night, you might not notice it showing age or wear. Treat your move as an opportunity to place brand-new mattresses in every single bedroom in your new home.

There's no risk or hassle when you buy discount mattresses online from The Classy Home. residents enjoy shipping within 48 hours and free mattress replacement for up to seven days. If you aren't sure which size or level of firmness to buy, you'll have a chance to change your mind within seven days. The Classy Home will cheerfully make the switch.